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    Can anybody tell me why the rims on the Super G chassis are grooved in the middle ?, all the other
    rims don't have a groove. I've noticed the tires are worn only on the outer tips of the tires the
    middle section of the tires aren't even touching the track.
    Thanks for any info,

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    Initially, AFX came out with a line of racing pick-up trucks. They were big dualie diesels. The SG+ rims were supposed to simulate the traction you'd see from those dualies. When they saw how well those trucks performed, they decided to use the same rims for all their SG+ cars.

    Do not think too hard about this post until Friday...


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      I think Friday is April 1st.


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        That is an interesting question as I have found any advantage to the design over typical wheels and tires. The crowning is also an annoying flaw in the idea.

        Jim Norton
        Huntsville, AL


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          It serves the same function as a double flanged rim (keeps the tire on the wheel), but it preserves the improved appearance of a no-flange wheel. You can true the tires to get them flat. The concept's not a bad idea. The only problem is that it's non-standard, and nobody makes tires for them.


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            You can true them, but getting it right can be a pig. The tyres try to bulge out when you spin 'em up, and can end up even more sallow afterwards.

            Bin them, fit double flange wheels instead, and be able to use any normal slip-on.


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              Jel Claws make a tyre to fit the original SG+ hub


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                I bought some Gel Claws to try them on the stock wheels. However when I put them on the tires are not flat but sink in the middle leaving the traction from the outside edges. I tried sanding one pair and they seemed to "chunk" a bit. Did not look like the sanding worked very well.



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                  the easy thing is to get turbo axles or for better racing get tyco axles and cut down the gear boss

                  the .059 axle works better

                  both axles have standard hubs and super tires seem to work best up in rochester


                  • #10
                    Yes as said before, ditch the rims and go for flat ones, tyco works well you just need to bore out the axle hole in the hub to fit them, and you can really slam the chassis, I have a SG+ on tyco hubs with .422's on with the grey magnets with a stock arm, but beware you do really need a strong arm to pull them!


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                      I think I'm headed that route thanks for the tips !


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                        Yes as said before, ditch the rims and go for flat ones, tyco works well you just need to bore out the axle hole in the hub to fit them
                        I would still ditch the whole sg+ axle set and go with the tyco

                        the only thing you have to do is pop the tyco axle in a dremel, spin it up and cut most of the fat section of the gear boss, you only need a small piece to have still work.

                        the tyco axle will give u more speed and better handling


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