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Should I wire my track for braking?

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  • Should I wire my track for braking?

    I currently run mostly T-jets and Magna-Traction on my Tomy track. I've been racing it with stock controllers happily for years. But it's time to step up. Should I go all out and get Parma controllers and wire the track for braking?

    Mine is a smallish track (6 foot back straight) so without braking, I do a lot of "coasting." However, I have never run with brakes so I don't know how it feels. I am also aware that a track wired for braking can easily be run without brakes by just not connecting the third wire.

    Should I do it? Will I be saying "I should have done this years ago!" ?


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    you should've done it years ago


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      If you wire the track for brakes, you can also adjust how much you coast, if you have the right controller. I would recommend the One Stop Stage III.



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        It will not hurt to wire your track for brakes, however a lot of people who race HO cars do not use brakes. Modern HO cars tend to stop on a dime, so you will turn faster laps if you do not use brakes. Some pancake cars can do with at least partial brakes, especially original Aurora T-jets that might have very weak magnets. High end controllers include a variable brake feature using a potentiometer in the brake circuit. You can add a pot to any controller using a 100 or 200 ohm pot. Be careful that you hook up your controller correctly, pots are easy to burn up. I use rheostats, they are wound on a ceramic core and are much more robust than pots.
        There is another reason to wire a track for brakes, if you ever wanted to get an electronic controller a lot of those only work if there is a brake circuit.
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