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  • Can Am Car Bodies-Show Your Stuff!

    I love sportscar racing; whether it's long distance, or sprint races, full-body two seaters are my favorite. I particularly loved the old "Can Am" series that began in 1966. These cars were as close to "unlimited" as one could get, and showed a great variance in style. I will post my own examples (some original, some repainted by myself), but let's see what everybody else has as well.
    Here are three examples of the AFX Porsche 917-10, in the three body configurations run in both Can Am and Interserie (European equivalent):

    LTR: An AMRAC/ROKKAR "Manta" (copy of Lola T332, perhaps?); AFX Shadow Mk. II; AFX Ferrari 612 (all repaints):


    LTR: TYCO Lola T 260 (repaint); AFX Lola T 260:


    LTR: AFX Porsche 917 (did run in a Can Am as a coupe); AFX Porsche 917-10 (called "510" for some reason by AFX); AFX Porsche 917-10(all repaints):


    LTR: TYCO Chaparral 2G (mislabeled; has the 2E features) & :2J; TYCO LolaT260 & McLaren M8D:


    LTR: TYCO "March" Center Seat" Can Am , here with an AMRAC Lola, both repaints......


    TOMY Porsche Can AM: Non-Turbocharged Prototype; 917-10 (Squarenose"); 917-30 (Roundnose):


    Your "assignment" (should you choose to accept it) is to post pictures of your open top sportsracers that ran in the Group 7 category, either in Europe or America, or maybe your own creations. Now, let's get cracking!
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    I hate you at the moment. I absolutely love Can Am racing of the day and the cars associated with it. I have some lexan bodies, but getting hard bodies has eluded me for now. However with my SG+ fleet increasing I see light at the end of the tunnel.

    You have some nice looking rides there. I will be furthering my search to accept your assignment
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      Hey, Ditchrat; this isn't limited to hard plastic bodies. You got this type of car in Lexan or cast resin, trot them out here! I'm hoping everybody from everywhere shows what they have, whether in original or custom painted. I also have a Lexan AFX Ferrari 612 in my album, that I've shown before. I've seen others show their stuff, but not under this topic. Bet there are some great ones out there, and who knows; maybe we can get Steve at Racemasters interested in making a series of these cars for the Mega G chassis, sometime down the road. Dreams do come true (if you work at it).....
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        Here is a McLaren stretched to fit a Tyco LWB pan Chassis


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          made these to fit the LWB Pan also. They also sit nicely over the Mega-G 1.7", as the 612 is. Never finished the master for resin casting. Must be the ADD that kicks in.


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            Super sweet thread. Still one of my favorite body styles.

            No pics but I do have the the AFX MT Lola T-260, Porsche 917-10 in standard RC garb, Shadow, and Porsche 510 Sunoco in yellow. That last one was very hard to find circa 1983-85 during my heyday.

            I once had the Tyco T-260 but it was before I new what I was doing. Every now and then I wish I had four Tyco's to go with my 4 MT's. Blue Max would probably be on the top of my list.

            Jim Norton will pretty much own this thread by the way.


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              What is Group 7 BTW?


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                Group 7.


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                  Lily Ledy (TYCO Mexican issue McLaren)

                  Missing a few parts, but here are my Lily Ledy (TYCO Mexican issue) McLaren's:

                  Marysville, OH


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                    CobraMite King Cobra

                    NIB CobraMite King Cobra

                    Marysville, OH


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                      T-Jet Chaparral

                      Jim Hall rocks!!!

                      BTW - If you are interested here is a link to my photobucket album of the Can-Am Reunion at Road America featuring the Chaparral:


                      Marysville, OH


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                        T-Jet Alfa Romero

                        Aurora T-Jet Alfa Romero

                        Marysville, OH


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                          Jim Hall didn't have a car ready for the 1969 Can-Am season so he bought a McLaren M12 and Chaparral-ized it:

                          My AFX version:

                          Marysville, OH


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                            T-Jet McLaren Elva

                            The only picture I have of this one is w/o a chassis

                            Marysville, OH


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                              Originally posted by CoachD View Post
                              What is Group 7 BTW?
                              Coach D, In the Mid-60's "Group 7" was the classification for two seat, open topped, full fendered sports cars with unlimited engine sizes (an under two liter engine class existed for a while during the '60's, but eventually fell out of favor to the "big bangers"), and pretty much open design (there were some parameters). As opposed to Group 6, which was for long distance endurance racing, these cars were designed for sprints of 250 miles, had no luggage/spare tire requirements, or windscreen height/dimensions; most importantly, there was no minimum weight limits, which made for some very strong power/weight ratios. The "Can Am" series (long version: Canadian-American Challenge Cup) originated in 1966 as a series of six races (San Jovite, , Bridgehampton, Mosport, Laguna Seca, Riverside, and Las Vegas), and was unique in that it had much larger prize money per races, and larger final championship prize money (for comparable races), and with very few exceptions, did not pay "appearance" money for "star" drivers; you wanted the dough, you had to enter, finish high, and get paid for results. It changed venues over the years, added/changed race venues, and remained pretty much open until The Chaparral 2J "sucker car" was banned in 1970. With the exception of the first year (Lola) and the last three (Porsche won two; Shadow one), the champion manufacturer was McLaren, although there were different winning drivers in both races and the Championship (one race was won by a two liter Porsche 908, driven by Tony Dean, when the favorites all broke down/crashed). Later, Formula 5000 ( single seat, open wheel, stock block racers) went to full-fendered body styles, and the "Can Am" name was revived for a year or two. No matter; the original series was known for some of the most exciting, innovative car designs to hit the road courses........
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