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Can Am Car Bodies-Show Your Stuff!

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  • Very cool. I'll have to get myself some Krylon and see how it goes. Is it a big can or a little one? Is it specifically for modeling or does it have a different intended use?

    What kind of tape and are you using an exacto knife or scissors to cut it? Do you layer small pieces until the edge is right, or just cut the mask to the exact size?

    Also, are you guys painting outside, or do you have an indoor paint booth or something? One of my big problems is not enough space for overspray in the house.

    Sorry for the 20 questions, I've been getting really crappy results with all the painting I've tried, and I finally want to do it the right way


    • Walmart KRYLON
      Paint outside
      Blue painters tape
      Use the longest piece you can.

      KRYLON silver metallic for primer
      The white/orange and white/yellow got silver then white then the color. Bright white under the yellow and orange made it pop a bit more.
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      • I also use Tamiya tape found at Hobby Lobby. comes in 2 widths and works well. I have the luxury of painting inside my stand alone work shop so it does not "stink" up the house. Is also heated so that helps as well. I have been using lacquer in small spray cans for mine. Not the best painter either, but slowly getting a bit better.



        • Modeling tape works better,
          airbrush works better,
          a lot of things work better,
          we used what I have,
          not to mention the closest hobby shop is 30 miles up the road. If Nati doesn't get bored with all this I'll go buy a new airbrush with compressor, and a dozen bottles of paint, and supplies.

          I just think that for a 9 year old little Girl that she is doing an amazing - - amazing job. Yes I have helped her, yes I have pointed out things she needed to re-do. I even put the white paint on the yellow/white car because I knew she would not be here long enough the other day to get the color coat on. Yes I painted the spoilers on the two Shadows and the color on the air boxes. That was just done to speed up the work, not because she couldn't do it. It was done because she couldn't be here to do it. I only posted the pictures so maybe she could get some praise for all the time, and hard work she put into the four CanAm cars.

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          • NICE! Clean and modern. Ready for some decals to jazz them up.
            The Shadow is likely the most produced AFX body, with a glut of them still available as NOS.
            I often buy them dirt cheap to get whatever chassis is underneath.
            They make for great customs without the fear of wrecking something hard to come by.
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            • Basic Black. "The Monitor"


              • Cool beginnings for a 9 year old!!! Looks like quality work...lot's better than some I've seen on the auction block!!!

                Classic build MM, killer rear wing!!! RM


                • I'd hate to have that thing following me on a dark road.


                  • Here's some old school thunderjet stuff I painted and raced 40 years ago. Dug it out today, cleaned them up and they are zipping around track. Cobra Lexan McLaren and Lola bodies with AJ's aluminum rims with very soft silicon tires. Having a blast watching these power slide the corners.


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                    • Originally posted by RjAFX View Post
                      ...My GrandDaughter 9 years old has been painting a lot of cardboard, but over Christmas vacation She started painting slot cars with a rattle can and tape. All of her rattle can, and taping work is done. Next She starts practicing with a brush, and water based paints....
                      What a wonderful thing... A a great job she did...



                      • I love seeing these new additions to a thread I started a long time ago. Great work, RjAFX, by your daughter: crisp lines, and colors that pop on the Shadow MK.II. Please post the finished product when ready.

                        M.M., what a sinister modification of the Shadow MK.II body! Not exactly "Can Am", but a great modification, nonetheless.

                        Paul, I'm loving those Lexan McLaren & Lola T-70 bodies! When is somebody going to produce these in plastic or cast-resin for the Mega G chassis , along with the top competitor from 1965, the Chaparral 2? Oh, G-A-R-Y (Fast).........!


                        • How much fun was that Paul......very cool.

                          MM that is a sinister looking beast.

                          Thanks SpeedHoppy......she has really been trying hard. She is my GrandDaughter, and is doing things my Daughters never wanted to try.


                          • Unterseeboot U 101?

                            M.M., what a sinister modification of the Shadow MK.II body! Not exactly "Can Am", but a great modification, nonetheless.


                            Hahahahaha! What are you trying to imply Hoppy? The Can Am examples of our youth were hardly representational, unless Stanley was a maker, and their household plastic door stop was a model. I still use an AFX Shadow for a door stop to the the slotcave. It's theme appropriate, and very chique.

                            Ahoy there! Anyone can see thats Aurora's ultra rare, wet weather "Das Boot" version; complete with the sealed F-150 cabin and the inverted stern mounted Toronado roof jetavator to augment the Berkley pump.

                            I refuse to take toy cars seriously.
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                            • Love the creativity of the Monitor (and the clever name)


                              • M.M, I am not "implying" anything. I created this thread in July of 2013, to give people a chance to post their examples (if they liked the original race series, as I did) of actual cars that participated in this series that started in 1966. The bodies could be in the original plastic, be Lexan, or created in cast-resin (or now, 3D-printed). They could be from any manufacturer (I recall a McLaren - Elva & Chaparral 2 from Aurora), they could be "scratch-built"; I did not care, as long as they were representative of the type. You stated these examples are "hardly representative"? I dispute that, considering they have to fit the chassis of the period. Anybody who followed these racing cars (or read a book or went online and read about them) should be able to pick out the Chaparral 2E & J, the Ferrari 612, the McLaren M8D & M12, the AVS Shadow MK.II, the three versions of the Porsche (Non-turbo 917-10 prototype, that later ran in both the Can Am & European Interserie, the "shovel nose" turbo 917-10, and the 917-30), the Lola T-260, and some examples of the "center seat" cars that came with the series revival:

                                Your "creation" while utilizing an AFX Shadow MK.II body as a base, has that grafted on truck cab and over-large spoiler, which makes it more of a drag racer than it is representative of the type I created the post for (and you know that). It really belongs in a thread of it's own (which you should set up), and challenge the other really creative people out there to post their own examples.

                                "You refuse to take toy cars seriously"; so be it. For me, this is a hobby that I enjoy, to take off the stress of work and day to day life. PLUS it's something to do with my Grandson (now age six), as I am collecting, painting bodies, detailing my layout for him, which I DO take seriously.....
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