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  • Originally posted by JimDouglasJr View Post
    Reading along is fun. Many of you were following these cars in real life and have kept their legacies active by racing scale versions of them.

    Jim I was lucky enough to be able to tag along with my older Sister, and her Husband. I was all over North America with them, and their friends going to the races. RoadAmerica, Sears point, MosPort oh my. Those BIG block Chevy's, made the earth move, and Jim Halls small black Chevy Chaparral 's made a hummmmmmmmmmm you could feel in your feet. I have yet to feel, or hear anything like it.


    • It's just not the same any more.


      • BHR 429'er body on ebay now. Pretty slick...


        • Here's one dear to all our hearts: 1966 Russkit-sponsored Lola T70 driven by Ronnie Bucknum, and now owned by Brian Johnson, lead singer of AC/DC. Another great effort my Bob Hackl/kidmillions:


          • I've just recently discovered kidmillions on the auction site. Pretty nice stuff and bodies no one else has created in HO scale. Nice stuff and well done.


            • Old Can Am Threads (should) Never Die...

              Ooo weee... That Lola looks so nice... Thanks for
              pointing us to kidmillions, C_Spray...

              When I was mocking-up Riverside, I lined a few
              up on the different sections... This photo is a view
              from Turn 6, towards the Esses... You can see the
              un-decaled, *fake* M8D and 612P...



              • A few of my HO Can Am cars

                Had to join in the fun on this thread, here's a couple of pics of some of the cars I've been building.

                Lothar Motschenbacher's McLaren M12 and Chris Amon's Ferrari

                Jo Siffert's Porsche, Denny Hulme's Mk8D McLaren and Vic Elford's Chaparral 2J

                All of these are on AFX Magnatraction Chassis, the Mk8D and the 2J converted from Tyco. Pardon the incorrect wheels for now - that will be dealt with soon.



                • Awesome work Karl, super realistic, perfect to awaken this thread.



                  • Thanks, bluesguy, happy to post those (after I finally figured out how!) The Can Am races have always been a huge favorite of mine. Have all the books about them I can find. And a video or three.

                    Was fortunate enough to attend a few of the original races at Laguna Seca, Road America and Donnybrooke and later a number of the second coming of the Can Am later on in the early 80's at Road America, Donnybrooke (now BIR) and once at Riverside.

                    Cool stuff. The ground shook when those big block cars in the original series went by!


                    • I was at Watkin's Glen in 1969 for Can Am weekend, yes I felt that big block rumble.
                      One car that really amazed me was the Matra's, a screaming high revving V12, you could hear them all around the track.
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                      • For the last two summers I was lucky enough to attend vintage races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Road America (I've been crewing for a good friend.) Several original Can Ams there making thunder - like a 74 Shadow (really fast!) and a Gurney McLeagle.

                        No Matra V12' sports cars, but those old naturally aspirated F1 cars there were like those Matra's. Their high revs made the insides of your ears vibrate and your hair stand on end when they went by, especially at IMS with the metal bleachers along both sides of the front straight. Yeah, amazing is the right word.


                        • This is mostly Matra 670's vintage racing at Brands Hatch, 2011.
                          Love this sound.



                          • You guys are having too much fun here for me not to join in again. I went back several pages but could not find my conversation with the other member doing a BHR Lola. We talked about it month's ago after discovering the site on ebay. He was doing a very nice version of the Donahue driven Lola.It must be on another thread,let me know if any of you have seen it?

                            I wanted to do the Sutee's Lola but they showed a version that was done,however they didn't have the decals at that time. I should have went for it anyways! It's an easy paint or just use white decal sheet and cut your own. When I first discovered BHR they had a Mc Cluskey Pacsetter Lola. They only seem to push out a bit at a time. Maybe because of time involved or they just don't want to deal with tons of auctions & sales? Last thing I saw was a version of a Lexan body clip they made.

                            Here is the funny thing about all this for me. I think I have met Bob Hackl before,back when I was racing SCCA. This was way,way,long ago out in CA. I was actually at Bondurant Driving school getting my license certification. That was located at Sears Point back then,Sonoma now for you youngsters and Nascar fans. My final weekend there they had a SCCA amateur race I went to with some other guys. I watched and talked to lot's of Formula car drivers that weekend. Seeing as that was the area of the sport I wanted to head. I'm sure Bob Hackl and his friends were one of the groups I met. Anyways it's great to see an old racer,still messing with racing things.


                            • Mini Mojo, great looking builds, thanks for sharing. Agreed OM, lot of fun being had in this thread.



                              • Sorry,forgot to add some things: Mike,if you were at the Glen around 68-69 you probably saw the Matra 650-660 cars? I am not that well versed on Frenchy cars,will have to go to my European Sports & Prototypes book.

                                Karl,glad you enjoy Can_Am too! Your cars are nice subjects and very well done,just like your track. Hey,if you and your friend were at the Indy vintage races,you might have crossed paths with us? I was there with my uncle,and he was driving his E-Type #61.


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