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    Very nice!!!

    Originally posted by Mini Mojo View Post
    Had to join in the fun on this thread, here's a couple of pics of some of the cars I've been building.

    Lothar Motschenbacher's McLaren M12 and Chris Amon's Ferrari

    Jo Siffert's Porsche, Denny Hulme's Mk8D McLaren and Vic Elford's Chaparral 2J

    All of these are on AFX Magnatraction Chassis, the Mk8D and the 2J converted from Tyco. Pardon the incorrect wheels for now - that will be dealt with soon.



    • .
      Super-Nice cars, Karl... Love the 917-10na...

      Did you make the body?... Was gonna try to make one from
      a 510K & a 917-10 for the Riverside Display...
      But, it never went further than just a thought ...

      Such great work on these



      • Yes, and thanks, the Siffert Porsche is a combination of the two AFX 917 Can Am bodies, the 510K & 917-10.

        As you'd expect, it was an "engine" transplant from the round nose/non air scoop car to the later more squared off body style. There is some reinforcement underneath with some good epoxy saturated into a couple small strips of used dryer sheet - home made fiberglass! The outside seams were filled with Testor's body putty. Not too tough, just took some patience.

        The toughest part was getting the paint color as close as possible. All the fluorescent "red" colors I bought were way too orange. Finally solved it by mixing Testor's fluorescent red with the fluorescent pink that came in the same set of those little jars. It came out a lot more red looking (although in photos and/or on a monitor those fluorescent colors don't come through very well) so it's close to being right. I think I did the paint 3 times on that car before I was satisfied with the color.


        • Some Siffert Porsche Close Ups

          Donor cars and result:

          Front 3/4 view:

          Rear 3/4 view:

          As I detailed above the photos don't show the fluorescent color very well.

          (Almost at 25 posts!!!)


          • Wow! Great work there mojo

            This is such an inspiring thread. I always really enjoy the early Can-Am cars race at the Goodwood Revival Festival and have recently finished re-reading Pete Lyons' great book. I definitely need to get some Can-Am re-liveries done this year for some racing on my HO track.


            • Thanks, Woodcote, the old Can Am was really fun to watch back then and it's still great to see those cars run today at vintage events. Too bad the TV coverage and recording was so limited back then. There are some videos on youtube and such but it doesn't compete with having been at some of those events.

              There's a new book celebrating 50 years of the Can Am that came out last fall. An Amazon search will reveal it if you didn't know about it. It has a bit more text about how each season progressed which makes it very worthwhile. And additional great photos.

              I've got some more of these HO Can Am cars in the works and I'll post some shots soon.


              • bluesguy, inspiring sound on that video. Appears and sounds like they were really going for it. Definitely gets the pulse racing a bit. Thanks for posting that.


                • So glad to see additions to this thread I originally started with my own modest collection, and challenged others to post! Really creative stuff, and there are so many more that have yet to make an appearance, such as the very last version of the McLaren (the M20), other versions of the Ferrari, Lola, even the last version of the Shadow. I hope many more pics of your efforts appear on this thread.......


                  • Speedhoppy, I'm positive that there are a lot of people on here that are glad you started this thread - over 200 replies and still going strong. I am. A lot of those cars yet to make an appearance are not real common or have never been made, particularly in HO. The larger scales have an advantage there for sure.

                    There seems to be some hope every so often though, sometimes on ebay some new bodies show up. I just acquired one from "kidmillions" on there which is awaiting some attention on my part. Others may need to be built from scratch or "kit-bashed" like an M20 in HO scale.


                    • .
                      Not sure what this chassis # had for power, but think this
                      now has a small-block Chevy of unknown size (to me)...
                      It still is one of my most favorite videos... Excellent AV...

                      Be sure to select 720p resolution & Fullscreen...

                      Updated McLaren M6B, piloted by Jim Pace; Motor has the
                      Pace Motorsports Predator upgrade...

                      *Hot Lap of Road America*... 4-1/2 minutes...
                      Hot lap starts at 1:35...




                      • SH,your collection is far from modest and above average for most. The last version of the Shadow will be real hard to do. Not many have even been done in other scales or diecast.
                        I chose to do an early Shadow because it was easy to model and not so well known.

                        Thanks for the vid,John. I know the Predator boys from FL. from way back when they used to run their Jag. To think in my early days I used to run at RA. before all those ugly concrete barriers came about. Hitting those things is much scarier to me! All for the sake of progress and safety to keep running Indy car races. They never did get a F1 race allotted to them. All the fancy big cities with road courses got the nod. Then Indianapolis and we know what happened there. I saw RA change a lot over the years,almost cried when they tore down the Pagoda. They tore all the tree's out down one side of the front stretch to have a big pit area. Lot's of tree's gone out the back where the walls line it now. The sound of Can-Am shaking the tree's and echoing down the valley is deadened with the concrete highway barriers. Dang,I'm getting old...


                        • Hey Old - Mech,
                          Where'd the pretty red head and the tr3 go???
                          At the glen in 1969 they were indeed Matra 650's.
                          The ones in the vid from brands hatch are 670's. Good eye!!
                          Hey Mark,
                          This thread is still going strong!!!



                          • Originally posted by Old - Mech. View Post
                            ...Thanks for the vid,John. I know the Predator boys from FL. from way back when
                            they used to run their Jag. To think in my early days I used
                            to run at RA. before all those ugly concrete barriers came about...
                            Coolness, OM... Did you ever run at Savanna Int'l Raceway?...

                            The Mustang Club here rented a Saturday to run in '74 or '75...
                            Maybe the Porsche Club or SCCA was with us, also... Too long ago
                            My now-Ex, *One-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed*, wouldn't let have a go at it

                            Last edited by Dushkwoneshe; 02-19-2017, 05:10 PM. Reason: Trimmed length of post...


                            • Speaking of Road America, my first visit there was for the '70 Trans Am when I was home on leave from the Air Force. The place has certainly changed since then. The old Pagoda had so much more character than the "office building" on the other side of the main straight they have now. And yes, the loss of all the trees and the concrete barriers everywhere make it a much more sterile place, but it's still one of the best road courses around.

                              I got to the '71 and '73 Can Am races there. Donohue's Porsche in '73 was almost silent with the turbocharging but gawd-awful fast. Held the lap record for years but I think those Porsche turbo cars drove up the cost of being competitive so much the series couldn't survive. "No rules" group 7 was certainly fun while it lasted though.


                              • Hey Blues,she is still hanging around out back. You guys got me into the Can - Am theme ya know. I just scanned a couple old UOP stickers they used to give away.

                                John,do you mean that twisty little Roebling Road track? Or do you mean the old defunct Savannah course they used to hold USRRC events at? Brian Redman used to hold his events at Roebling Road.
                                That was before he had the BRIC events at Elkhart Lake's Road America. I met him way back in the late 80's when he was getting into big league vintage events. I did befriend him for a ride along during practice laps in a Lola T-70 mkIIb coupe. That was a WOW moment even for me! He also was messing around with some Chevron's like he used to race. Just like most full size Can-Am cars they aren't really set up for a second seat. If you have seen most Can - Am cars the rule of a second seat is a bit of a joke. They are about the size of a glorified child car seat. I just found a box of old car photos and some of my race photos. I should have 1-2 of Brian and me around. For now these old ones I posted before will have to do.

                                Last edited by Old - Mech.; 02-19-2017, 06:34 PM. Reason: spelling,additions.


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