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Can Am Car Bodies-Show Your Stuff!

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    You made up nine different hard body Can Am combinations for the Nantasket Beach Race Club IROC G-jet collection. You did a fantastic job. On behalf of the Nantasket Breach Race Club and myself, we really want to thank you very much for a fantastic job. I never thought I would ever use or see the AFX and Tyco Pro Can Am bodies on contemporary H O slotcar chassis. Thank You for all the time and effort you put into this project to make it happen.
    John Stezelecki
    Club Director


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      This thread makes me a little sick to my stomach. I had many of the cars/bodies shown here at one time or another, and alas, all are now gone. My brothers and I would race the cars into the ground, and go on to another. Yikes! Now I take better care of my cars and keep them forever.


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        Guys, I thought it was time to bump this golden oldie thread. I arrived home earlier this week to find this abandoned little guy waiting in a box on my doorstep. Naturally I took him in and have given him a nice home. There's not a mark on it and the colours are all still strong and vibrant. Just beautiful!



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          You sure have good anonymous friends! Nobody seems to leave anything like that on my doorstep.



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            Jisp (Micheal), what a pleasant surprise to see an entry to an old (but loved) posting of mine!

            That is a very nice addition, and looks to be in great shape. Tell, me, do you leave as is, or are planning to make tire and or chassis changes? My AFX Porsche 917-10's (in all three body versions), have all been treated to an SRT chassis / Jel Claw rear tire upgrade.......


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              Charlie, sorry but I think my wording was misleading. I know who left the car, I just meant that they had decided to pass it on. It’s my rather odd writing style! I know how you feel though..... most days I arrive at my door to find some wind swept leaves and my daughters’ cat biting my shoes. Stupid cat!

              Speed, it’s a great thread. I remember when you started it thinking to myself one day I’ll have something to post........ took me a while. This particular car will be a shelf queen just because it is in perfect condition. The white is clean and hasn’t yellowed in the least and the colours are strong. Above all it isn’t missing the thin strip across the very lower centre of the front, always the first part to go. I have the same body that came in a lot a while back and it’s pretty beat up, needing plenty of attention. As I work my way through prepping cars it will eventually become a runner.

              How do you find the SRT performance against the original G-Plus that came with the car?s I don’t have an SRT but have only ever read great things about them.



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                Hi all

                Thank you for digging out this old thread. Here's my 'Roman Brio' Lola conversion - we've all had a good laugh over the snow plow like front spoiler, but still it looks nice...

                Kind regards from Switzerland


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                  Michael, the SRT is an upgraded version of the Tomy "Turbo", which was a generation after the G-Plus (and AMRAK clone). As such, it has much more grip than the G-Plus, and more torque out of the turns due to different gearing. I find them a nice upgrade for the AFX Can Am bodies I have: Porsche 917-10 (three versions); Ferrari 612; Shadow Mk.II. The blocky shape of the SRT can motor fits well with the flat upper surfaces of these bodies, and fit well without needing shimming of the mounts. My one "oddball" is the AFX Lola T260; I have this on a Super G+ chassis, with the ends of the body clip super-glued to the chassis, and the top part cut out for clearance. Just seems to fit better with that chassis........
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                    Man, you have to watch that tiny little bottom spoiler on that #6 G-Plus! Jeez the slightest track joint imperfection and..... CRACK!


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                        Soda wars...

                        and the rare white Shadow...RM


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                          My..... those are lovely.
                          To heck with all you guys!
                          Like when that Super G Man posts his pics- really tick me off!


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                            I created this post back in July of 2013; so nice to see examples of "Can Am" type cars still popping up! Come on, Forum members; I know some of you have been holding back! Show what you have running on your tracks.........


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                              Mwah-ha-ha, my devious & sly plan worked! See how many of these beauties there are just waiting for their stroll on the catwalk when you give 'em the chance! It's odd to me in that years ago the Can Ams and similar style bodies held zero appeal to me. Now they rank very highly among my most appealing.

                              Great shots guys, please keep them coming and if you have one that has already been posted...... who cares! Let's see it anyway.

                              Hilltop Racing... Coke, Pepsi & MTN Dew must make for some competitive racing. Beautiful!

                              Nuts, I agree, SGMan's work is off the chart.

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                                Forgot about this one. The Lexan version of the AFX Ferrari 612 Can Am (Here with my BSRT "Numbered" Senna McLaren); it came in a "Hop Up" kit with a Lexan McLaren M12 back in the day. Mine is mounted on a modified BSRT "G-Jet", with a Wizzard independent spinning front wheel set, and Grey 2 Dot chassis magnets replacing the brass weights, as I run this at the full 22 volts on my home layout. Absolutely the smoothest car I have, it is VERY quick, with very good grip:

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