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    Early in this thread it was discussed (and theorized) why plastic gears are workable at certain points in an HO chassis. Plastic gears in AFX chassis are limited to the idler gear, cluster gear and the crown gear. Only the crown gear is a press fit and that works because there is enough material to "grab" onto the axle.

    Same with the pinion gear on an inline chassis - there is enough shaft exposed to "grab" onto. And on JL/AW chassis, the shaft connecting the driven and pinion gear is splined as Bill shows in his photos earlier.

    On no HO pancake chassis will you find a plastic armature gear.

    It will be interesting to see how the plastic gears hold up as I hopefully get updates on the testing of those gears.

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      I just thought I would bump this topic back to the top. As you may know, OS3 recently introduced the TFX chassis with all plastic gears. This is the chassis which was under development I referred to back in post #33. I know Jerry is very meticulous in everything he does so I am confident he has done the necessary work to insure the gears will hold up. Now that the chassis is in production and "out in the wild" we will see how it all works out. So far I have heard nothing but good things about the chassis and production value.

      Here's hoping the chassis is a clear winner.



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        The OS3 TFX appears to have been very carefully thought out. Some years back Wizzard was going to do an updated pancake chassis, but the Wizzjet is more or less a T-Jet clone. With all of the earlier T-Jet types the only way to lower the chassis is to use very small diameter wheels and tires and that is likely to upset the people that like cars with a scale appearance. The TFX sits a lot lower to the track, if you want to use a body that has been trimmed to sit low on a T-Jet you will need to add spacers on a TFX chassis.
        Getting back to the issue of all plastic gears, so far so good with the TFX. If you need to pull and reinstall a plastic gear it probably can be swaged just like you would with brass gears.


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          Related to this topic, RT-HO is now selling a T-jet belt drive setup ("whisper jet") with a plastic pinion pulley.


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