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What transformer do I need?

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  • What transformer do I need?

    I set up my old original style Aurora track and Tjets and am running them on a 14v powerpack that has a dial for power adjustment. Someone told me I should be using 20v on Tjets. What do you say? I may need more than one transformer to power the track I am building, but I do like the adjustable transformer for when the grandkids are running the cars. I can slow them down and they don't even know it. They stay on the track better that way.

    Also, I scored about 250 pieces of a variety of track and accessories and am extending my track to cover 4'x12'. Is there a guideline for when you need another transformer? Maybe based on number of feet of track?

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    Given what you are looking to do a single variable voltage power supply would be best. Assuming you are only running T-Jets, a 10 amp 0 -30v supply would work. As your layout grows, you will want to install more power taps around the layout. There is an existing thread that talks about power supplies here:


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      The rating of the power supply that you would need would depend on the cars that you expect to run, the length of the track is not a factor at all when you are choosing a power supply. The track rails have resistance and longer tracks will have more joints with each one of those being a potential problem. Even a large, expensive power supply can't compensate for those issues.
      Club type HO tracks are normally run at 18-20 volts. Gravity and G-Jet type cars are usually run at 12 volts. It is always nice to have an adjustable power supply. If you do not expect to run formal races on your track you can set the voltage where you like.


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