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New pancake chassis from One Stop Slot Shop

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  • New pancake chassis from One Stop Slot Shop

    I got an email announcement from One Stop Slot Shop (OS3) saying they are now selling their own custom pancake chassis, the "TFX".

    It's an interesting design. It doesn't follow the Dash model of trying to closely replicate the T-jet. It's promoted as a hybrid of the T-jet and AFX, and has some custom features as well. It also looks like OS3 has produced all of the parts needed for the chassis, including custom armatures which will be available in 5 different ohm values (5.5, 14.5, 16.5, 18.0, and 20.0).

    Interesting details are that is has a snap in rear axle, snap in guide pin, and is lowered like an AFX and uses AFX compatible pickup shoes. It also has all plastic gears, including the motor pinion.

    Oh, and the web site has been completely redesigned as well. The site is onestopslotshop DOT com.

    It doesn't seem like the chassis is likely to be eligible for Fray style racing classes, but the armatures might be eventually. And maybe some of the other parts could be useful. It's certainly fun to see someone investing in new pancake chassis production.

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    I like the assortment of gear colors!
    and o-ring front tires to boot!
    slip on rear tires are also a bonus feature…


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      It does look like an interesting design. I agree that it probably won't be approved for Fray, etc., but they could make an excellent IROC class.


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        I just heard about the new OS3 cars when I was at LenJet recently. Several of the guys in my club will be getting cars to try them out, I plan on doing that as well. Unlike the T-Dash or WizzJet these cars are not more or less clones of the original Aurora Thunderjet car, running them in the same class as those cars could be problematic. If a new car is greatly superior allowing it to run in the same class would make everything else obsolete and force everyone to buy new cars. The HOCOC racing season has already started, so the OS3 cars would not be allowed to compete as T-Jet SS cars until the 2022-2023 season. Possibly the 16 ohm armatures would be legal once they are commonly available.


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          AFX style pickups. Relocated axle holes to allow a low chassis with 350/450 tires. This thing is never going to be approved to race against a "Traditional" style T-Jet such as Aurora, Dash, Wizzard and AW (without traction magnets).


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            I did order a rolling chassis with a 16.5 ohm armature, a 15 tooth crown gear plus some spare guide pins. We have been considering having a class for cars that are run completely stock right out of the box. This may be just the ticket.


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              Nice review of the TFX by Jim Rose:



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                Jim did a little presentation during the WWSCC on zoom today as well.
                I'm not an HO racer by any stretch, but I did learn a little during my participation at this year's Quarrel race. I also brought home a Quarrel/Fray car built by Charley Karnes that I look forward to putting down on a proper HO track again in the future. For now, my sectional track will have to suffice. While these are clearly not in that category of cars, they sure look to beat the pants off the Johnny Lightning car I have for comparison purposes. I expect it to run quite nicely, and for a great price as far as I can tell.
                Yes, I bought one just now. Yellow, 20ohm and 19t crown, along with a pack of guides. I look forward to playing with it, and will finally have a third chassis for my third t-jet compatible body. Seems like a great entry level car that will actually drive nicely out of the box, or IROC as previously mentioned.

                Is there anything else out there that can compete with it at that price? I wouldn't mind expanding my tiny collection a little more. ;-)


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                  As I said, I placed an order. The web site did not indicate low/out of stock, though Jim did mention that the orders exceeded expectations. I don't think posting this will be a problem, as it appears to be sent to anyone placing an order right now. So, just to make sure you're aware PRIOR to placing an order, this is the message I just received from Jerry, accompanied by a couple photos showing the piles of chassis and parts being put together.

                  OS3 Customers,
                  If you have an order pending for TFX cars or parts then this email is for you.

                  I wanted to update you on what is happening.

                  We launched the TFX on Saturday with 70 cars built ready for sale and parts to build a few hundred more. We had NO IDEA how much demand there was going to be for these cars. We exceeded 500 cars by the end of the weekend and are around 1000 now. We are building these all in house from scratch. With 19 color/wheel combinations and 4 motor/gear combinations there are a total of 76 different cars that can be ordered. What stock we had prepared was not always the combo selected. A few we did not anticipate much demand and found the demand overwhelming. This means we have to go back to preparing the axles and gearplates first so we can put the cars together.

                  We are asking for your patience and understanding while we continue to get these orders ready. 1000 cars is no easy feat but we are doing our best. Currently we have only sent out a few orders as all our time has been spent building cars. But as we are building, the orders keep piling up and we end the day further behind where we started. I have been working 19 hours a day since Saturday to try and get caught up. We have decided to list the cars and axles assemblies Out of Stock until we can catch our breath. We have some orders going out tomorrow and will continue to get them out in the order they came in.

                  We understand your desire to try out the TFX. We just want to make sure you understand everybody else has the same desire. We hope you will hang in a little longer as we get through this but we understand if you wish to be refunded.


                  Note the date of this post, if you're reading this in the future, and assume that with some time between now and when you're reading it, that things have settled down. I'll update when I receive my chassis, and if I get any more information on the status of production/shipping.


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                    I received that email as well. While I'm bummed it might take a while to get my order, I'm also very glad to see Jerry has gotten a great response to his new car. I look forward to trying it out. Given the lower design of the chassis, I think it has the potential to be a fast or faster than fray car with a weighted front end and sponge silicone tires. Much will depend on how smooth the gear train is.


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                      Originally posted by MrFlippant View Post
                      Is there anything else out there that can compete with it at that price? I wouldn't mind expanding my tiny collection a little more. ;-)
                      Dash Motorsports has ready to run cars, with bodies included, in the public store for $29.99.

                      For group members the complete chassis (no body) are $14.50 (some assembly required).

                      I'm a big fan of the Dash chassis. They are intended to be a close copy of the original T-jet, and the parts interchange between the two. I use Dash parts to restore vintage T-jets. The Dash armatures and magnets have become standard in Fray racing. They come with wide wheels and silicone tires, which is one place there they have been modernized.


                      • #12
                        JAG Hobbies also has a very different ready to run chassis.


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                          The JAG Hobbies TR-3 chassis is a modern higher downforce inline car that takes screw post bodies. The hitch with those is that they have larger diameter wheels and tires so that screw post T-Jet bodies will not fit unless you hog out the wheel openings. There is also the NC-2 chassis for snap-on AFX/Tomy bodies and the DR-1 chassis for 4 gear bodies.
                          A new DK-4 chassis for stock T-Jet bodies is on the way, it has T-Jet sized wheels and tires, but it is powered by an inline can style motor.


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                            I was thinking that OS3 could offer cars in kit form.


                            • #15
                              In a fit of ambition I calculated the two gear ratios that you can get with the TFX, that would be 2.85:1 with the 15 tooth crown gear and 3.61:1 with the 19 tooth crown gear. For T-Jets the armature pinion is 14 teeth, the idler and driven gears are 24 teeth, the drive pinion can be 9, 12 or 14 teeth and the crown gear has 15 teeth. That would make the possible gear ratios 2.857:1, 2.143:1 or 1.837:1.
                              With the TFX you must use a larger diameter tire than you would normally use with a Fray or T-Jet SS car and that would change the effective gear ratio.


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