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Thoughts on T-Jet Tire/Wheel set up

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  • Thoughts on T-Jet Tire/Wheel set up

    Input appreciated for T-Jet Fray style Rim/Tire set ups such as front axle side play and tire heights. We use the independent brass front end sets but not the hanging weight style.
    With inline 4 mag cars, running level front to rear to the rails was important, could that be effective to improve T-Jet handling??

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    I haven't built a car using those front ends and silicone rears in a while. I have built cars for what we call E-Fray which is a Fray car with older style brass fronts (I personally like the wizzard ones) and slip-on silicone rear tires. For the rear I use a .170 rim and tires from HO direct that measure out to .328 - .330. I have built T-Jet, Wizz-Jet, and Dash versions. I haven't worked on the Dash version much and use them as an IROC set. For the T-Jet and Wizz-Jet cars I have played around with front tire sizes between .306 and .312. The lower you go, the more downforce you get and the better the car handles. All the tracks I run on are routed so no issues with track joints. For a completely flat track, I find I can run .306 to .308 with the Wizz-Jet chassis. The T-Jet chassis seems to be better at .308 to .310. For tracks that have overpasses, hills, etc. I find .310 to .312 works for both cars. I minimize the front axle side play as much as possible and the Wizzard front ends are designed to have very little.

    For magnet cars, I do not always run level. I have found at times that running the car nose high can help with esses and can also help reduce heat without reducing rear traction.


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      I have done a great deal of careful testing with slip-on tires and I have found that there is a sweet spot with respect to the tire OD that you might choose. For casual running you only need to use tires that are close enough, for serious competition you would want to run the best possible combination. If you start with South Shore Racing's recommendations you should at least be very close, but it would not hurt to try slightly bigger or smaller tire diameters.


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        Our local club tracks have a few Max-Trax, a Tomy and Bowman which are all road courses. E-Fray is a good description of our SS class as we race the older brass front end sets that SSR describes with slip on rear tires. I have some HO direct tires but have not yet tried them, any opinions for durometer with our tracks? Our original intent at pancake racing about 5 years ago was for what was believed to be more simple and inexpensive racing but that has morphed into a totally different beast even though the chassis currently being used are AW/JL and Dash. Certainly the TFX and Wizz Jet are nice chassis.


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          I haven't played around much with the different compounds. I am using the C2 compound and it seems to work well on MaxTrax, TKO, and Bowman.


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            Well Dom, I say we should ditch those sloppy AW/JL chassis we've been using and run TFX chassis. Everyone would be on the same page, and there would be NO room for "improvement" allowed other than MAYBE an option for different size rear slip on silicone tires. I've got a few of these TFX chassis, and they are high revving, smooth, and so well behaved on the track. The difference between them and what we're banging our heads against the wall trying to race is just ridiculous, absolutely NO comparison whatsoever.
            If I don't see you before, Happy Holidays to you and the family. -- Ernie


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              Hello Ernie, The TFX cars are nice, Jim provided some for an IROC club race. Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year to your Family!! Hope to see you soon, Stay Well!


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