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Pancake question

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  • Pancake question

    Can anyone tell me the difference between the AFX Super G+ chassis and the AFX Ultra G+ chassis?

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    There is no AFX Ultra G+ chassis listed here: ModelMotorist: Identifications: HO Scale Slot and Slotless Car Chassis‚Äč
    Bob Beers did not list an Ultra G+ in his book, but there was an Ultra 5 slotless car chassis pictured there and at the end of the Model Motorist listing.
    Super G+ were not pancake cars.
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      There's a lot of Ultra G+ cars for sale on eBay, they look to be the X Traction chassis with open magnets on the bottom side.
      So is the X Traction chassis an AFX or Auto World chassis?

      I was just interested because looking at the HOPRA Rulebook they only allow AFX Super G+, no mention of the Ultra G+.
      Probably because they favor the T-Jet chassis and not too many Magnet cars...


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        There is an X-traction Ultra G and a 4 Gear Ultra G, both made by Round 2 under their Auto World branding.

        Both chassis are based on old Aurora designs.


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          AFX was an Aurora and later a Tomy trademark. After Tomy effectively got out of slot racing Racemasters took over the AFX trademark. The X-Traction cars are Aurora Magnatraction clones but the AFX term should not be used when referring to them.
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            The term "AFX" can be confusing. Aurora first introduced the AFX chassis around 1970-1972. It followed up a few years later with the AFX MagnaTraction chassis. Both were slotted pancake chassis using the same armature type as Aurora T-Jets. Aurora then went to inline chassis and created the G-Plus and the Super G-Plus - neither of which were called "AFX".

            As mentioned earlier, the Ultra-5 was an Aurora slotless inline chassis. You can pretty much assume no one races those in organized clubs.

            When Tomy took over once Aurora folded they never produced a pancake armature chassis. However, they grouped all their new chassis types as AFX, including a chassis called "Super G+" which was not the same as the Aurora Super G-Plus. So you need to specify whether you are talking about the Aurora or Tomy version of the Super G+. In either case, neither of them are pancake cars.

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