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Power rails

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    First off, you don't want to use anything galvanized. Trust me on this.

    Second, read up on power rails. Search for the threads, "Where do track makers get their power rails?", and "Rail in MDF" for starters.

    Installing rail is by far the hardest part of HO track construction. There are a few ways to do it right and many, many ways to do it wrong. You have the opportunity here to read up on the subject. Do that! Save yourself much grief.

    Ed Bianchi
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      What he said.

      Also google "stitching wire" and "McMaster-Carr".

      Hope this helps


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        That's what I thought just wanted to check.


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          This is a home built wood track with rails.

          The next HOCOC race, The Blast!, will be on that track, PM me if you want contact info for the track owner. Last week we ran Spec Stock cars on the track and there were no problems with the rails. I don't know what was used for the rails. Regular round wire is likely to pull up. Here is a source for rail, but the minimum order would be for twice as much rail as most people would need.

          Try Radcliff Wire, Bristol, CT 860-583-1305. Ask for "Rail" C-1075 temper "B".

          MANUFACTURING THE HIGHEST QUALITY CUSTOM SHAPED WIRE FOR OVER 60 YEARS Products Radcliff Wire routinely works with over 60 different metals to expertly produce standard and custom wire in a broad variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Process Radcliff Wire meticulously manages

          As of 2014

          Radcliff Wire, C1075 temper "B".
          I called them and got a quote for C1075 Steel, 0.0150" +/- .001" x 0.1090" +/- .002", square edge, annealed temper ASTM A510-13 Chem Only. Minimum lot of 3-6 lbs (540 - 1080 ft at 180 ft per lb) for $300 (!) Way more wire than I need, and more $$$ than I wanted to initially spend.

          Note: a 4 lane 65 foot track would use 520 feet of rail, so the minimum order would be enough for two tracks.
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            The quote for custom rail is not out of line. Last time out I paid US$300 for 2,000 feet of tinned copper braid. And tinned, copper-clad steel braid is more expensive.

            Of course I build tracks for sale, so I get to spread the investment over several tracks.

            Could you sell your excess rail? I'm sure you could!

            Or maybe you could build a pair of tracks. One to own and one to sell. You might be able to sell the surplus track for enough money to pay for both -- you end up owning a track that cost you nothing!

            Ed Bianchi


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              As I live in England I would like to find some here as postage from USA might be a lot.