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  • Originally posted by Crimnick View Post
    #1) We've been through this already.

    #2) I'm a .

    #3) I race storms.

    #4) That track voltage is NOT lethal even in a worst case senario.

    #5) I dont care who he is.

    Licensed electricians ONLY do what engineers tell them to do. The medical professions indicate that 18VDC times four IS a lethal voltage. Deal with it.


    • It is so easy to fear the unknown.

      One can not just talk about voltage as the be-all-end-all when using a word as strong as "lethal". Once again I will mention that it is the relationship between volts and AMPS that give electricity its punch. This is current. Only when the two work together will it ever approach lethal.

      Did you know that a static electric shock built up from your carpet and released through your finger to your doorknob is approximately 20,000voltsDC per 1/4 inch of spark gap? Now I dont know what doctor you got that info from (presumably one that speaks for the whole medical profession) but it is an incomplete statement.

      Now lets move on to assumptions and how easily they can influence this discussion. It is easy for me to assume that anyone that may have said that 18vdcX4 is lethal was most likely talking about household "current". Notice I didnt say voltage. Typically a household breaker is set to go off at around 20amps. When you combine 20amps with 18vdcX4 this is getting in the red zone as far the medical professions are concerned. Lethal..? Well it is all very circumstantial, body size, location of the shock and so forth. Needles to the heart with that current will probably hurt you pretty bad. Throw a plugged in radio in the tub with someone in it and that well.. we have all seen the movies about that. I, just like many people who mess around with electricity at home, HAVE been shocked by household current and lived (Although I get the feeling some around here wish I had died)

      Another "possible" assumption is that all slot cars require 10amp power supplies to work properly. This is not true. Long ago when grandpa hooked up his first slot car track he noticed something. *When one car goes alone it seems fine BUT when the other car starts off my car slows down** This led to many problems and because they didnt do things the way I have with mine, they chose to use amps to solve this problem not separate transformers. Now the cars are unaffected by one another and they use the same voltage. So for the next 100years (give or take) every one just followed along thinking this must be the best way after all they have done it this way for 100years.
      Well it wasnt good enough for me and my steel track so I had to do some "unlearning" Back to basics and rethink the whole thing. Like some vets (the ones who recognized the innovation of this track) said "Its so simple why didnt I think of that?" Well it is simple and it is fun.

      So the reason we dont die every time we get shocked from static shocks is this thing called AMPS(or lack of). I suggest that anyone building an electric toy at home study up on this. If you dont know the difference you shouldnt be building electric toys. My track runs on milliamps these are thousandths of an amp. So now the lethal nature is gone, See? That being said I dont suggest you play with it, or any electric toy, in the tub.

      I have suggested many ways to ease the fears of the unknown for people on this forum. I will briefly state a few of major ones.
      1. Flip the axles of every other car on the track and run those lanes with the polarity reversed.
      2. Run worm drive Blocker trucks in a few of the lanes with the polarity in those lanes reversed.
      3. Simply epoxy up every other lane and wire it up traditionally and put 10 full amps on your table.

      That fact of the matter is the CONSTRUCTION of this track is sound and far superior to traditional tracks in many ways. Magnetraction pitched out at 45*, single surface setups, tight six lane no passing zone to name a few. Some people dont want to acknowledge this for whatever reason (I suspect ego) and continually attack the "whole" track as if it is some how only allowed to be wired one lethal way. This is not true.

      I didnt come here to win some ego contest on the internet and I assure you that I dont need an ego boost from you all liking my track. I came here all warm and fuzzy at first and was just fascinated in peoples build threads. Great stuff. So many questions that I was asking myself many times before, only I was alone. I think if I had been here before hand it would have made the "unlearning" part even harder.
      It really was a good time.
      I hope you guys can get this all figured out.


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