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Braiders -- Now You Can Race On ANY Track!

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  • Braiders -- Now You Can Race On ANY Track!

    Braiders -- they are crimp-on accessories for the pickups of HO cars. They let you run your HO cars on tracks that use braid, copper tape, or flat metal strips for the power conductors. Which means you can now run them on ANY slot track! Have a regular set of pickups for rail track, and a second set of Braider-equipped pickups for any other track.

    Braiders are brand new -- I've just had received the first production run. They are precision etched out of spring-hard phosphor bronze, five thousandths of an inch thick (0.13mm).

    Why do Braiders work? Good question. The short answer is, well, they do. That's how they came to be. I had an idea, I made a few by hand, and was surprised not only that they worked, but, crude as my hand-made prototypes were, they worked very well!

    So I created artwork and photo-etched a couple hundred in my basement. And they worked too!

    So now I've got production Braiders on hand. Two varieties -- a narrow design for T-jet pickups, and a wider design for pretty much everything else.

    The photos I've attached include a shot of the narrow Braiders installed on a T-jet. If you look close the very tips of the fingers look polished and rounded. That particular car was tested on my oval for 1,000 laps -- just about 4-1/2 real miles (7.2km).

    I'm still in the process of developing the packaging and pricing for this new product. I'm also looking for folks who would like to try some and report back on their testing.

    Ed Bianchi

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    Glad to see that you are coming up new new and interesting ideas Ed! I hope you do well with these.



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      Hi Ed,

      I would love to test them on my copper tape track. See how they compare to motor wire pickups.

      And - I have a 1968 Car Model magazine with an article on winding armatures by a fellow with the same name as you. :-) I really appreciate what you do.


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        Hi Ed, ...Great idea...I can test on your First magnetic braid road course...still going strong since '99! email ....TOM


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          Originally posted by HO RacePro View Post
          I'm also looking for folks who would like to try some and report back on their testing.
          Hi Ed,

          It's a beautiful idea and I'd like to test some of your new (Wide) Braiders on our copper taped wood track and make a Youtube video of it.


          the Netherlands .
          (I'll send you a PM)


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              I have created a video showing how to install Braiders. It is posted on YouTube, and you can use this link to get there:

              [ame=""]Braider Installation How-To - YouTube[/ame]

              It is just a bit over 7 minutes long.

              Ed Bianchi
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                HOCOC members were Ed's beta testers for Braiders and they work great! Use with confidence!


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                  Ed - Are you aware your have disabled playback of your video elsewhere?


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                    Braider On-Track Comparison Video

                    I have just posted another video to YouTube. This one shows the (greatly!) improved performance of a car on my braided banked oval when it is fitted with "Braiders".

                    Here is the URL...


                    Ed Bianchi


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                        Video URL's

                        Seems like the slotcarillustrated website substitutes embedded videos for the URL's I've been posting. Nico pointed this out.

                        In case anybody wants to see the videos on YouTube, or send the URL's to someone else, I'm going to try to sneak them past whatever bits of automation are making the substitutions.

                        The two URL's are listed below, but notice that I have added three strategic asterisks. I'm hoping the meddlesome automation won't recognize them as URL's and leave them be. When you copy and paste them, remember to edit out the asterisks.



                        Ed Bianchi


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                          Have you tried the Youtube button when you post using 'go advanced'?

                          You then paste in the part of the URL after the = sign and before any ampersands.

                          (see attached)

                          If people want to do the other stuff you mention they only have to click on the embedded vid, which is all most people will watch.

                          I clicked on the embedded vid to go to Youtube and posted the URL to facebook. Only took a few seconds.
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                            Wait... you want to PREVENT them from being embedded? You'd rather people had to copy and paste the link, editing out special characters, rather than just click "Play?"

                            Did you notice that, when the site embeds the video, that you can still click the title of the video (just above it in the blue bar, or at the top left of the video window) to watch on YouTube or copy/paste the link? Embedding is a convenience, and does not stop people from sharing and liking your video.

                            But, to each his own. If you do what you did last time, and post just the "share" link that's shorter, the site won't embed it, and people will HAVE to watch it on YouTube, rather than have the option to just click play.
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