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  • Hello, I've just signed up

    Hi all,
    It's been a long time since even getting the home set out but here I am, getting a little back into it. I raced 1/24 group 20 back in the 60's - '70s before motocross took over my life. So here's a picture what is still left of my kid toys. Fast forward three decades when my son and I got an Artin 1/32 track that we really enjoyed together. I got that back out and set up after Christmas. My son, who now lives in Beijing, China, told me that Carrera slots are big time over there and what do I want to buy? Hoo boy - so, what's it going to be then? - Jim "cobrapatrol" Harris
    20230120_111042 by Jim Harris, on Flickr
    20230112_171800 by Jim Harris, on Flickr

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    Welcome back into the fold, Jim!

    LOTS of options for your 1/32 track. An all around great value is any car from the brand. There are many other 1/32 cars on the market, and plenty of 1/24 metal chassis stuff like the old days as well. Whatever floats yer boat!

    What part of the world are you in, Jim? Maybe we can find some tracks and racers for you to join up with.


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      Thanks, MrFlippant. I guess I should have said that. I'm in the Pacific Northwest, about 2 hours from the Scale Racing Center in Tacoma. I stopped in and met Alan the last time I drove to SeaTac. I am interested in restoring my old 1/24 car but am interested in adding more 1/32 also. Looks like has some nice classic cars. I might want to have something to race 1/32 also. I'm really not sure how to get started with that. I saw the coverage of the 24hr race, where the cars are provided? Is that generally how it's done?

      Sequim, WA


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        Welcome Jim. The best way to get started is to buy something you like looking at - get the type of car that appeals to you. NSR, Slot.It, Thunderslot, Revoslot, ScaleAuto, in no particular order, are all great manufacturers that make great running 1:32 cars without much effort needed to make them perform well.
        ScaleAuto also makes 1:24 cars, as well as BRM. BRM makes a Mini car, which is on par in size with a 1:32 scale car, and are a blast also.
        You can't go wrong with anything, really, if you just getting back into it. There are manufacturers that make high performance (like listed above) and not high performance (like Carrera) cars, so depending on your budget there's something available. You could also look at the For Sale sections and pick up second hand to ease your way into it.

        To answer your question about the 24 Hour BRM race, yes the cars were provided to the teams. The $300 Race Team Entry Fee included the car and all parts that could be used during the race. It was my first race ever, and boy was it an unforgettable experience!


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          Thanks, dinglebery. There's lots to explore here.


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            Originally posted by cobrapatrol View Post
            2 hours from the Scale Racing Center in Tacoma.
            Sequim, WA
            Well, you're certainly in a great place for slot car racing, then.
            If you're ever in town on a Monday or Wednesday night, there are two groups that race in the area you can join up with. Or partake of the racing at Alan's on Saturday.


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              We had a great time at the Scale Racing Center yesterday. I brought some of my friends and Alan treated us very well, even cooking up some Beatles music for us. I think my friends are hooked! Thanks, Alan!


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                You are welcome. Always a fun time with people racing on the Tracks.
                I enjoyed your group visitng The ScaleRacing Center. Remember we are open for scheduled running on the Tracks on Saturday and Sunday from 12.00 till 4.00pm, by appointment.

                We also race Saturday nights opening at 6.00pm.

                Right now we have a Test and Tune night on Wednesdays also andv will probably open this as a Race night as well as Saturdays nights.

                Alan Smith
                SCI Owner.