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Meet the Members of SCI ..... Abarth Mike

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  • Meet the Members of SCI ..... Abarth Mike

    (Edit by WCR to provide the question list being responded to - Abarth Mike and I have a lot in common, it seems. But he deserves his own Thread, here. I have edited the questions a bit, for reasons of context, but nothing else here.)


    1) Welcome to the hot seat. So, did the lumberjacks keep you in Canada? Just kidding. Please tell us of your unique Canadian background. And, do you maintain dual citizenship?

    2) What made you interested in being a moderator for SCI? Protecting us from killer rabbits?

    3) Ok, I've eluded to Monte Python twice already. What is your favorite MP skit?

    4)Let's get down to racing. Tell us about your collection of slot cars.

    5) What series/classification of cars are your favorite to race as scale models (groupC, F1, classic get the picture?)

    6) Who are your favorite 3 manufacturers of 1:32 scale racing models?

    7) What ONE THING would you like to see all scale racing model manufacturers do to improve their products?

    8) Canucks or the Canadians? Hockey or Futbol? F1 or Le Mans/ALMS? Mag or non-mag? Wood or Plastic? Godzilla or King Kong (you better get this one right!!!!!)

    9) what is the worst slot car you've ever purchased?

    10) What is the best slot car you've ever purchased?

    11) Describe your proudest achievement in slot car scale model racing?

    12)Any 1:1 racing experience?

    13) Lucky 13.......any last comments? The floor is all yours...........


    OK here ya go!

    1) Yes I have dual citizenship. I’m Canadian by choice, not by accident of birth. I now live in Asia.

    2) Skip

    3) Monthy Python is funny but comedy and I have moved on. I liked Red Green and The Mongrels now I’m into Mock the Week.

    A Mongrels sample


    4) I have 40 cars maybe 41 or 42.I started because my neighbor is the Thailand Scalextric dealer. I did have Scalextric as a child and as a youth and used to go weekly to the local works social club. I had a Cox Cheetah, a FWD Scalectrix Mini, a 4x4 MRRC Mercedes 154, an Airfix Vauxhall Viva and a “scratch built” brass chassis Airfix VW bug.
    I started by planning to buy one car of each type while at the same time trying to get one from each manufacturer. I failed. I have some duplicates and have missed some of the higher end manufacturers. Maybe soon I’ll get a Mr.Slotcar as I don’t have one of those.

    5) I don’t race. Just do laps and beer. But I do like my cars to run a good as I can get them, lap times are important. I’ve always been a tin top rather than an open wheel guy so I’d have to say IMSA or Group 5 but recently I’ve started to like trucks more and geared 4x4

    6) Favourite manufacturer Hmmm? I don’t really have a favourite one. I like anything weird or different so I think Fly would be up there even thought the quality is not always there. etc. are Ok but generally too good. They simply go around and around, they are too good and end up being fast but dull. SCX make some cars others don’t as do Carrera but Carrera used weird wheels so replacement tires can be a problem. All manufacturers have their foibles and as long as one realizes that then OK.

    7) I’ll also go with wheels running true. Usually the wheels ARE round but the assembly process needs looking at. Most faults are caused during assembly.

    8) Canucks and Rugby. In real life I’m going with FIA World Rally Cross, only because the TV coverage is engaging. I’m going with King Kong as reptiles have no emotions of which we know.

    9) For sure the Revell Ford Galaxie. I bought it because it was odd and the motor was installed on its side. What a disappointment. Handled like a dog, bits fell off and then to add insult to injury the tires decided to go all gummy on me.

    10) Difficult and had I answered this question 3 months ago the answer would have been different. But today? Scalextric Starex Trucks. Brilliant and they were only £15 each. Run well, great fun, indestructible, can add detail by painting and now Sideways makes allow wheels. Proper dual tyre ones.

    11) I don’t race. See 5.

    12) Have competed in 100cc Kart racing both in the UK and in North America. I did come second in the final of the Minnesota State Championship one year. Otherwise had a good time and met some nice people in N.A.

    13) It is fun, don’t take it too seriously.
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    I try to not take anything too seriously ... thanks for The Mongrels link, that's brilliant. I think I'm already an addict. Good entertainment can be hard to find in cyberspace, but that stuff is worthy.

    Have you seen Derek?


    It's marvelous, also true. Think of me as 'Dougie' -

    it's a large part of my 1:1 life, these days (only I have more, and better, hair ... )
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      One winter night in Winnipeg in 1975, while driving a Galaxie, I got T-boned by some drunken fool heading the wrong way on the 1-way cross street in a '66 Chev. Got spun around twice before ploughing into a snowbank on the other side of the intersection. Still need to see the chiropractor every once in a while, but after using the jack to get the rear fender clear of the tire, that car was still drive-able and handsome, if viewed from the other side.

      Solid cars, those Galaxie's.


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