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  • New guy from Rhode Island/USA...

    I am brand-new to the site, a retired guy who raced at home with HO AFX and later with 1/24th on a local commercial track here in Rhode Island back in the 1960's.

    I discovered a well-run commercial track in Ashland, Massachusetts several weeks ago. I visited there about two weeks ago... Wow. Clean, well-run, friendly people and ownership. The problem is it's an hour away. I'm still trying to decide whether to race there or find something closer.

    I'm trying to learn all the racing categories of 1/24 cars and what would be best for me at this time. There are several sites selling equipment, but very little in the way of quality articles. Someone, please direct me to information/articles/how to's for someone in my situation.

    Thanks for any help...

    Brian in RI

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    Back in the '60s there were 1/24th scale commercial tracks all over the place, by 1970 most of those were gone. Around 1990 a fair number of tracks had opened up, but most of them have closed. Modelville Hobby is one of the last commercial raceways left, LenJet Raceway next door features HO tracks, it is more like a club. For home racing 1/24th scale is probably not the best way to go, 1/32nd and HO are much more popular. There are 1/24th commercial raceway cars that are seldom run on home tracks and there are a few makers of 1/24th cars for home use, Carrera is the best known of those and they also make the only plastic track that can be used with 1/24th scale cars. Home type 1/24th scale cars can be run on commercial tracks. You might do some research to to see if there are any clubs near you. I race HO cars with HOCOC and we run at LenJet from time to time. We also race at a track in Cumberland, RI. I have not heard of any 1/32nd clubs in RI, there is one that is in the Ellington, CT area not far from the RI and MA lines.
    For commercial raceway 1/24th cars you would not be likely to find much information on line, I have not run that sort of car myself for over ten years.


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      Thanks, Rich.

      I would only race on commercial tracks, as we are in a condo.

      I find slot car websites that advertise RTR cars, parts, etc. But virtually none of them have articles discussing in detail the various car/engine/chassis/class categories and 'how-to' articles, blogs, etc.


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        An HO or 1/32nd club would still be an option for you. If you are determined to go with 1/24th scale commercial raceway cars your best bet would be to go to Modelville on a race night. The rules can be found on the Modelville website, you can buy an RTR car to fit one of the classes. A boxstock car is not likely to be competitive, the rules will give you an idea of what you would need to do to tune your car.