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Hello from Akron Ohio.

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  • Hello from Akron Ohio.

    Always loved slot cars. My first was for Christmas in 1972. HO scale with all metal loops and VW baja bug. The years flew by and I spent more time with toys that used gasoline or nitro. Then I saw a Tyco Magnum 440-X2 set and the bug bit pretty hard. I had a 12X16 Hi banked oval in the garage with upgraded pieces (motor, silicone tires) that we would run for 30 to 50 laps. Tires would fly off alot. Pretty funny at the time. Tried TCR for a minute or two. Fast forward, marriage, kids, work, responsibility. Moved to Ohio. Setup a small track in the basement with Lap timer 2000. It was fun but didnt get much free time so packed it back up. Finally managed to check out the local track "RT. 93 Raceway" bought a couple Parma cars (I think) to run on the King track. They still smoked inside so it was a short visit. Then I found SCX Digital and everything changed. I brought the starter set home and had many years of fun. Set it up and raced with the kids for a weekend and packed it back up for the next time. Unfortunately the good times did not last and I sold the set for lack of use and space.
    I now have space, time and a little extra money to make an actual layout. I purchased a bunch of SCX WOS Set, Track, Cars for really reasonable prices.
    I know SCX WOS is done. But its OK. I am building a 8X16 layout and will be adding an interface of some sort for PC lap counter. I am looking forward to being a member of SCI.

    Also, If anyone has any SCX universal inner curve or changeover curves for a reasonable price. Please let me know.

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    Welcome Allen! Always great to see another from Ohio here on SCI. Good luck with your layout and all you need to know lies here on SCI!