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New guys reliving kids days with new Aurora HO Track!

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  • New guys reliving kids days with new Aurora HO Track!

    I just posted in Registration and guess it should have been here! Oh well, my brother and I remember when we were kids and said let's do it again 50 years later. Got together, built track, got out of control, but we're having fun! Made a website to show how much! Thanks!


    PS Here's a picture. More to come because we have more track!!!

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    "Most Excellent!"

    When they come knocken' for the intervention, bolt the doors, and make them pry you out of Waynes World!


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      Hahahahaha!!! That was EXCELLENT!!! But we're ready! We have bags of potato chips, mountain dew, and black coffee! We're good for months, they'll never get us out of Wayne's World's basement!!!


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          Thank you for the compliment! It's nice to hear. My brother put in a ton of work to restore all the track and work out all of bugs. The track is smooth all the way around on both lanes without any dead spots or bumps in the slots. The transition from upper level to lower level was the most challenging. Pikes Peak Hillclimb up and down ended up being the best solution. Here's a pic of it.


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            Supercool that you and your brother could do this together after all these years. Track looks really fun I don't think I could drive it though because as I age I seem to get dizzy a lot easier


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              We're no spring chickens that's for sure but we get along AOK! I agree with you driving that track. We're going to rewire the controllers so we can stand back further out of each others view. I'm exhausted trying to get out of the way and watch the car up, down, around, it's a workout! We've decided to stick with the old/slow/original T-Jet cars, no magnets. They go so fast we'd get whiplash trying to keep up on that track!