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  • Just Saying Hi from Brooklyn, New York


    I am a child of the 60s and grew up with Aurora slot cars. I had a ton of fun with them and have lots of good memories. I enjoyed them into the mid 70's, but I was getting a little older and started having other interests and pursued other hobbies and things. Fast forward decades later, amid the pandemic, I was getting kind of board working from home and although there is plenty to do with the house and all, I started feeling nostalgic for the old days and slot cars came to mind. I am an avid Youtuber, on their daily for work whether it be for advanced Excel functions or troubleshooting steam heat problems, I decided to do a search on slot cars, watched a few videos, and before long my recommendations were loaded with slot-car videos. Oh man, did they come a long way from the 60s. Just a few week later, some time in January, I purchased a Carrera Go starter set, then some more track and accessories, new and used. I watched more YouTube videos with a focus on Carrera, now that I was the proud owner, but also watched videos of other brands as well. Carrera Go is 1:43 scale and analog, which I though would meet my needs, and I'd put it back in the box after running a few laps for a week or two and get bored with it. I was wrong. The features and functionality that digital offers really spoke to me so I ordered a Carrera digital 1:32 set along with an expansion set and the adapter for race management software, and a pit lane. The set was supposed to come this past Friday, and I'm still waiting. I received the expansion kit, pit lane and adaptor, but no set. It is supposed to come tomorrow, but who knows. Anyway, I have no regrets on purchasing the analog set, I am still using it and might keep it, but I went with Carrera because at least I have the option of trying 1:24 scale and not need to purchase a starter set or additional track, just a transformer. I have been watching and learning a lot, on track design, car tuning, clubs, etc. It was nice to see there is a whole slot car subculture out there, but it seems a thing of the past and I don't know why. I tried searching for local clubs but haven't found any, yet. Heck, I might even start my own. There is nowhere to go for kids or adults to see slot cars, but I feel like if you build it, they will come. I might be very wrong but who wouldn't like these things? Kids don't even know about them anymore, at least not here. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and give a little background about me and why I am here. Happy racing! Forgive typos, I cant seem to find a spell check and my eyes are not as good as they once were.


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    Welcome, Nick! We'll be looking forward to seeing where you go with the hobby. Tons of good information on Carerra - all scales, and systems - here on SCI.


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      Thanks, happy to be here!


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        Welcome Nick I think you'll like Carrera digital. Quite a few people on here that use it, including myself. When you get questions, ask away.


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          Much appreciated Randy, thank you. Still waiting for my set to arrive, it was supposed to come on the 12th. I’m getting a little frustrated, my accessories came and can’t do anything with them. Ugh


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            Hey Nick! Don’t forget Buzz A Rama is still kickin! THE Brooklyn slot car treasure!!


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