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  • Dipping a toe in Your Knowledge Pool

    My Slotcar CV.

    1959-1963: UK DinkyToy®™ die-cast toy car carpet circuit racetracker.

    1963: Rich kid friend gets birthday present Scalextric ... my first experience of enduring envy.

    1964: Trik-Trak Xmas present anticlimax.

    1966: Paper-round pays for first £10 Scalextric set layout in family home loft.

    1967: Become member of local slot-car club.

    1968: Commence obligatory diversion of years of S&D&R&R.

    1979: Bachelor income, spare room in flat filled with Scalextric track.

    1985-1997: G/f moves in, Scalextric moves out, marriage, kids … for reasons of Health & Safety, relocate from South London to Ireland.

    2000: New single parent's home needs new Scalextric filled front room, so, make it so.

    2008: Moved abroad, Scalextric donated to keen kids.

    2020: Returned to Ireland, indulge second (or third, or fourth) childhood with new 32m Scalextric track crammed into 2m x 5.2m loft space.

    2021: Astounded by the amount of Slottery info and imagery to be found during perusing the interweb.

    2022: Seduced by the Digital Dark Side into self-indulgent purchasing of much pre-Christmas sale Carrera track and 1/32nd scale stuff …

    2023: Work in progress loft space insulated and extended to a useable 2m x 6.5m floorspace. Track planner suggesting I’ll be able to somehow fit a 43m long twin-lane circuit innit !


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    Welcome to SCI! I'm sure you're among friends here ...


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      Same old story, then? ;-)


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        Originally posted by MrFlippant View Post
        Same old story, then? ;-)
        Well, at our age, what more can we expect ?
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          Two circuits in one! If you can fit it all in good luck and Welcome.