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  • AFX Mega-G 1.7

    AFX Mega-G 1.7
    By Paul Shoemaker

    Wow! The first impression left me with one word....Wow! I could even say it backwards....Wow! I was feeling the rush and couldn’t wait to open the packaging and get this awesome looking car on the track and turning laps. But the writer thankfully took over and I remembered that I needed to take pictures of the packaging and all for this article. So let’s get started, the anticipation is killing me! Read More...
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    Now THAT is a review of a slot car! FANTASTIC job Paul!! WOW! I loved this car from the first prototype and am even more excited about its arrival in the states in the coming weeks!

    Question though - on your comparison testing of the AW and AFX cars, were those brand new out of the package like the Mega-G cars or were they cars you had raced already? Just wondering if you did an apples to apples comparison as far as time the cars had been used, etc.

    Excellent review and excellent car! Can't wait for it to show up!!



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      Test Subjects

      The Mega-G and Super III cars were new out of the package, box stock test subjects. Other than the described break-in period, adjustments, cleaning and lubrication, no other parts were used. All subjects including the baseline car use only factory original parts, almost always the ones that came with the product as it was packaged.

      The Super G+ car that was used as a baseline was new, but an earlier release of the chassis, circa late 90's production run. Other than new pick shoes, this car has all of its original parts and has less than 6 hours run time total used to create the baseline numbers.

      I keep the test track's voltage and amperage constant between tests, taking readings prior and after tests are completed to make sure there is no variance. Other test equipment, DVOM, oscilloscope, strobe and scales are calibrated before and after each measurement or test.

      All results are averages of several runs of each test. The high and low are tossed out and the remainder averaged. I try to always have two samples to test in cases where production quality may show some variances. Two subjects is an extremely small sample, but in most cases show some differences that can be expected from one item to the next. I'd test 50 if time allowed! If a car shows a marked improvement or degradation during the tests, it will be examined, repaired/adjusted if possible and the tests ran again.
      That way if a piece of debris manages to get into a motor during a test, I don't handicap the results for an uncontrolled variable.

      Good question! Let me know if you or anyone else has more to ask.




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        Question, the armature timing, is it standard G type or Tyco?



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          Paul-- very thorough review, I enjoyed reading it. One question regarding your comment about this car holding the 1 min. and 5 min. track records for boxstock. What size and type of track did you test on, and what are these records? Could you order the cars that you have done from first to last? Thank you!


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            The timing is the same as the Tyco/Mattel armatures.

            I will have to pull my records at home for the previous record holders, but the two tracks are both Tomy AFX track, sealed with acetone based gray paint. The rails are leveled at .015 inches all the way around and I can place variable power to each lane. My baseline for the lap timing is 19.8 volts at 10 amps per lane. One track is a 54 ft 4-lane road course the second is a 44 ft 4-lane banked oval. I will post the record history, make, class and lap runs for 1 and 5 minutes later this weekend.



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              Great thorough review Paul.
              Can't wait for these!!


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                Great job on the review!

                If it isn't too much trouble, would really like to hear how the cars run without the traction magnet at a reduced track voltage (12 or so volts).

                Also, do you have pictures of your test tracks posted anywhere?

                Best regards,


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                  I do not have pictures of the drag strip or skid pad(s), never thought to take one. I'll try to get something together this weekend. I have posted several shots of my two HO tracks here at SCI. They should be under Woodrum Ridge Raceway or check the "Scenery With Ceiling Tiles" How-to articles. There are several shots of "The Ridge" in those postings. There's an extensive clean up procress for every review, between the How-to articles! But that keeps me busy.

                  I will be rebuilding the acceleration and braking tracks (drag strip) to get better sensor equipment in place. That's one of my winter projects I have slated. I may, if time allows, document that process and post it up here as another how-to. Since it is a key part of my testing process, I can't have it down too long.

                  During the examination of the Mega-G, I discovered that due to its very fine chassis work, it relies a good deal on the component parts to add to its support structure. I will try and make some weights or at least plastic "slugs" to replace the traction magnets. Although I have not tested it without the traction magnets in place, I would think it may become a bit too flexible without the extra support in the traction magnet cavity of some sort. Also notice that the motor magnets are not exposed at the bottom of the chassis. I believe this was to add rigidity to the chassis structure as well.



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                    Great job on the review. Now I'm jonesing even harder...

                    Any official word on release date or on the expected ship date from Greg Braun's pre-order program?


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                      great review!!!!

                      Paul, excellent review . I was able to get a close-up look at this and I will echo your..... "WOW"!!! These will be well received by all as far as I can see.

                      Steve has stated in the last few days that these are being shipped from China right about now, and should be hitting the distributors and sales outlets the last week of November to the first week of December. We can only hope this is accurate so we can all have them by Christmas. (PS- already have my order in to Greg for all four. Now, if I can just get my hands on one of those, what I am sure will be hard to find, "McDonalds" versions.)


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                        Phenomenal review of the car, I haven't ever seen that much detail before, excellent stuff and thanks for your work!

                        That being said.... I would have loved to have seen some actual lap times and comparisons with other cars. To be honest, I could care less about magnet gauss, straightaway performance, and braking if there isn't anything else to compare it with. Seeing some lap times with a super G+, SRT, 440-X2, or whatever you may have had in your box would be the real comparison and would really complete this review.

                        Thanks again!


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                          It's good to hear that the car performs as good as it looks!

                          -- Bill


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                            Mistake on the Review

                            Steve just caught this and my apologies for missing it. Under the section covering the pickup shoes and pick up shoe springs: The production pick up shoe SPRINGS are stainless steel and magnetically attracted. The Pick up shoes are Phoshor/Bronze and not magnetic. I missed this in the final edit. Once again, my apologies.



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                              Great review and nice correction. I figured that was coming, based on the yellow metal.

                              I don't know about the economy, but I am ready to redistribute some of my assets to whomever is selling those slot cars.


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