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  • Carrera Porsche 917k-132

    So a sample of the 1/32 Carrera 917k has arrived for me to photograph and here it is. I will be shooting more pix of this car today but I wanted to post this now. More pix soon of the exterior and the mechanicals inside too.


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    sweet!! How long will it take to be here for sale?


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      Within the next few weeks...


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        Awesome! I will be grabbing one of these. Just one color scheme, or will there be other versions too? Are these true 1/32, or are they bigger, like the Can Am 917s were? Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks for the great pic! I would like to run this with a few of my Fly 917s and Scalextric GT 40s


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          *pant* *pant* *pant*

          The CanAm 917/30 isn't too big, it was bigger than the 917/10, with which they get constantly confused.

          *bites desk*


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            ^ he'd know... he designed them. And BTW these were approved and licensed by Porsche unlike the Fly cars which were unlicensed.


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              Sorry 'bout that. I had always assumed that the Carrera Can Am cars were a bit big on scale like the Vanquish cars were. They sure dwarfed some of my touring and GT cars, but those old Can Ams were huge in real life too.

              So the 917K should look nice running with other brands... Thanks! I will be getting one. Is that the only paint scheme that you will be releasing at this time, or should I set aside enough in the budget for two? (I am already budgeting for the Monza, and the Bel Air)


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                Updated with more pix of the car.

                We plan 2, I don't have pix of the second one but you can see it on the website.


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                  Will the Lamborghini Huracan cars be AWD like the 1:1 cars? Just curious.


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                    No they are not. I have the green car here now (it arrived with the 917 and a '57 Chevy sample) and it's not AWD. We don't make cars that are 4wd and we haven't made cars that are a certain drive setup in real life (ie, 4wd like the MINI Rally, Peugeot Rally) so don't have that design philosophy that a car has to have the same setup that it does in real life. Good question though...


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                      Those look awesome, Dave! I'm going to have to eat Ramen noodles for a couple of Months, to balance my budget with these coming so close to the the Monza and the '57 Chevy!

                      Is the blue release only in digital, or is there an analog version too? If it is digital, how do they race against analog cars? Do they have the same motor and gearing? Do they have a switch to run analog? Until these, I have resisted buying a digital car, as I hate the idea of paying extra, only to throw out the electronics.

                      Thanks for showing these!


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                        As you can see both are available in Digital and the yellow car is in analog.


                        Analog cars don't have lights, digital cars do. This car only has front lights and no rears.
                        All digital cars have a switch to do the digital-to-analog-and-back-again change.

                        Don't think of it as paying extra for "digital that you won't use" think of it as paying just a bit more for a car with lights

                        You could of course always sell the digital guts and then you'd end up with a profit on the car if you chose to do that.


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                          But don't the digi cars rely on the chip for the lights?


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                            The digital chip and the light circuit boards both have light parts on them.


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                              IOW, yes, you need some kind of chip to power the lights without rewiring it yourself.
                              If you get a digital car, just put it in analog mode. No biggie.
                              If you really want to remove the chip 'cus you don't like how the car drives/brakes with the digital chip, you'll want to dig up an analog chip that fits the car to have lights and a polarity switch.

                              (note that the video is a little misleading... the switch is actually a polarity switch. the only reason to flip it before pulling the trigger 3 times is so the car will travel in the expected direction. If you turned the car around, it would happily run on analog the opposite direction without flipping that switch)


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