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Trak Mate screen issue

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  • Trak Mate screen issue

    We run trak mate at 2 local MDF tracks.
    The screen that shows best laps has shrunk. It is hard to see and numbers are cut off.

    Any suggestions are welcome. TY

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    Do you use the same computer and screen for other things? If so does everything else look OK? What type of connection to your monitor are you using? Is it an old CRT type monitor? If you are using an analog connection with a CRT monitor someone may have changed the monitor screen settings so the picture size is different and is also off center. With digital connections the picture will always fill most of the screen if you have a flat panel display. I do not think that there are any settings in Trackmate itself that will alter the display size. You could also go into the software for your graphics card to be sure that the settings there are correct.
    One last possibility is that you are not using the correct driver for your graphics card.


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      I've had this issue when a graphics card was failing. Run a diagnostic on your graphics card, if ok, try a reset to the default settings.


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        A sick graphics card is a good possibility, the one in my desktop computer was just replaced in fact. I have replaced a number of those in various computers in the past. That problem was part of the reason why I asked what the display looked like when Trackmate was not running.