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  • Trackmate 9.61

    I got an e-mail from Trackmate a few days ago with a link to the latest version. I downloaded 9.61 and installed it, but I have not had a chance to try it out.

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    Thanks Rich. I haven't received anything. Is there a changelog you can post here?


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      I have it installed on both of my tracks and has worked very well no matter how I have abused, er, used the track call button. Rev, 9.6.1 is currently available on the TrackMate web site.


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        The e-mail included a direct link to the download, otherwise go here:
        The software is free, but you have to order it, once you do that you will get a link in your mail. The program comes zipped, once you have downloaded it you will have to unzip and install it. If you already have an older version of Trackmate installed all of your custom settings will get copied over, so the new version will be ready to go.


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          I did try the software yesterday, not having to configure everything from scratch is a real bonus. I ran a dummy race with five drivers and hit the track call button with 3 seconds to go at the end of each heat to test for the 5 second glitch, but I had no problems with that. The glitch only happens rarely, but it can spoil a race when it does. Since it is a rare occurrence it would probably take many more test races to be sure that the problem is gone for good. We have also had problems with track calls getting prematurely cancelled if the button is held down too long. For me that problem still exists. My track has the old serial interface interface unit along with a serial to USB adapter, which may be the problem. As long as I remember to just tap the track call button or use the computer keyboard there is no problem. I can also use a track call penalty delay.
          I have been tempted to get the new USB interface unit, however track calls are only an issue if you are racing and I only do two races a year.
          I need to look over the software more carefully. If I recall correctly there are less sub menus in the setup and there is a lot more data that can be displayed after a race or practice session is done. Some data can be saved automatically as a text file, I think that data can be saved as Excel files, but that does not happen automatically. I do a lot of tire testing and it can be useful to review older test sessions.


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            Richard, my oval track uses what I believe to be a Gen 2 interface board with a serial to USB converter. The road course uses the most recent interface (Gen 3?) and is USB direct. Both interfaces work well. I'm thinking of changing the oval track from dead strips to IR sensors. If I do that I will go with the most recent interface board too.


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              I've checked the TrackMate site and am unable to locate what is new, updated or fixed within this update. I've even referred to the original email notification for v9.61 and it neither mentions anything about new, updated or fixed issues. I find this strange, perhaps there was only very minor fixes.

              I have downloaded and installed it, unfortunately I am waiting for my track modules to be replaced... and it's killing me might have to head to garage and setup the main modules so I can play and tinker
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                This was on the Trackmate site:

                L Hot key to select Lap race
                Fixed bug from v9.60 for 2 or 3 lane tracks, was reporting faulty sensor

                Fixed:RoundRobin Lap Heats

                Fixed: Count down timer
                Lag time: now .001 second resolution

                I recall once getting a faulty sensor message when I booted up an older version of the program, but it still worked OK. My track has dead strips.
                Trackmate has a download site just for downloading Beta trial versions of the program. If you have some time on your hands you can download, install and test them when they appear. It would be a good idea to report how that worked along with details about your computer operating system, etc. to Daniel at Trackmate. Otherwise it is better to just go for a new version that is being shipped with a complete system.