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Ultimate Racer Timing Issues

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  • Ultimate Racer Timing Issues

    Hello All,

    I have a question I am hoping you can help me out with. I am running a Ninco track with a SensorTrak, from Brent Carlson, utilizing Ultimate Racer for timing. I have begun to notice that during a race or practice, the best lap which is shown will not always display the fastest lap which has been run during that session.

    For instance, I have run a 9.375 second lap which is the fastest lap but subsequently I will run say a 9.455 and the system will play the sound associated with the fastest lap and the software will now display 9.455 as the fastest lap run.

    I have also had the reverse happen but it is not as nearly as consistent as the scenario mentioned above. This will happen during nearly every race or practice session on the software.

    Does anyone have a potential fix for this? I am new to Ultimate Racer so perhaps it could be a setting that I am missing.

    Thanks for the help.