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SmartRace & Chromecast?

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  • SmartRace & Chromecast?

    I understand SmartRace is a race management tool, it can be screen cast to a TV. For me you purchase the Carrera Bluetooth toggle to transfer info (via Bluetooth) to the SmartRace app you load on you device (phone, tablet, laptop). Then your device screen cast (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or HDMI) to your TV (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi & HDMI ready). Am I correct so far? Is there any delay if using all Bluetooth?

    Can SmartRace be downloaded to a laptop and used?

    Step 1 To stream content from a desktop or laptop, download the Google Chrome web browser located here:

    Step 2 Next install “Google Cast” for the Chrome web browser here:

    Step 3 Next step is to download the application used to set up the Chromecast Dongle on to your local Wi-Fi. Proceed through the installation with the Chromecast connected to your projector. Download the application here:

    Step 4 In your newly downloaded browser, to the right of the address bar you will see the Chromecast “tab casting” extension that was installed in step 2. Use this to locate your Chromecast dongle to begin streaming content.

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    Can this be used with an HO analog set up?


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      Originally posted by Ntxslotcars View Post
      Can this be used with an HO analog set up?
      I think it's only for digital Carrera track.

      "SmartRace connects to your digital Carrera race track"

      "SmartRace GO Plus works exclusively with the Carrera Go!!! Plus system in 1:43 scale."


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        CarreraGO has an upgrade? I have a ton of that stuff. 43rd DIgital?


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          Apparently? The full quote:


          SmartRace GO Plus works exclusively with the Carrera Go!!! Plus system in 1:43 scale. Anyhow, it’s pretty easy to upgrade almost any other 1:43 scale system from Carrera by just adding the Go!!! Plus adapter unit."


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            Hmm, I read all through the website, it tells all about it, but it doesnt mention what the interface is. Is it a plug in track? Mount to a track?


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              The interface to the tablet is bluetooth. I'm guessing there is a Bluetooth transmitter box that connects to the track?


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                Yes, this is interesting because the GO track rails are similar to HO. If it works on GO it may very well work on an HO layout, and way cool if on a 4 lane...


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                  SO it is a track section with a bluetooth wired in. It is only 2 lanes. This app works with the Carrera track section in leux of their own app...


                  Would be cool to come up with something like this for HO...


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                    I think they might be talking about this piece:

                    The Carrera site doesn't say it, but another site I found says that this piece has a bluetooth transmitter that can link to the Carrera app. And it also mentions that the pit stop section you linked to is also part of the same system. But I think this part is the one that talks to the tablet.

                    What I can't tell is if it works with the analog cars. They don't really make it clear.


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                      I don't think they make GO in digital. I've never seen it. It may be a new thing though.


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                        The make Go Plus and 143 digital, but it is not clear if the track has the same connections.


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                          The track does make have the same connections.


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                            Originally posted by Ntxslotcars View Post
                            Can this be used with an HO analog set up?
                            Yes indeed! Now in beta version for android (iOS coming), the analog mode adds a new lap counting and timing option that uses the camera of a phone or tablet to monitor up to six lanes on any track.

                            So yes, that means, Go!!!, HO, or whatever track you want. You point the camera at the start line, identify the interrupt area for each lane and the app does the rest. Simple, no hardware needed, just a steady hand... i’m kidding! Use a phone mount near the start line
                            And, you get to enjoy the time stats, car/track/driver database as well.

                            Timing and lap counting for analog slot racing tracks SmartRace can be used for timing and lap counting of analog slot racing tracks, too. Just download


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                              Wow, thats awesome!


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