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  • Arduino help

    Hi guys,
    Is it possible to program pin 13 on the Arduino uno to pulse for 10 seconds at 200ms to operate my 12 volt solenoid which is attached to a Flag man who waves his flag at the end of the race.I have tried using Arduino's "Blink" sketch the built in LED on the Arduino board flashes perfectly but this process does not allow me to run Race Coordinator.
    In other words once the race has completed the Master relay will operate and the normally open contacts will send a pulse to the Arduino board which must pulse the solenoid(flag-man) .
    I have the 5 red LED then a green LED and the master relay all working well thus far it is really the flag man that i am having a problem with.Please can someone Help. [email protected]

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    Hey, I think I sent you an email although it could have been somebody else asking the same exact thing. Regardless what you want to do is possible with Race Coordinator and an arduino. I just need some details on exactly what you're trying to do and we can work out how to use RC's "extended protocol" in the arduino sketch to make it work. Shoot me an email at "[email protected]" and we can work out the details...


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      Automated Flag man

      I guys , Thanks to Dave my Flag man finally waves his flag at the end of each race. Dave sent me a sketch for my Arduino Uno .
      I would like to post a video and Pictures but do not know how to do this .Can any one guide me?

      Kindest regards ,

      Hilton Melck.


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        This link may be of some help.


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