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    Hi Banana, I’ve been using the analog pins for the Christmas tree and their out is low for some leds and good for others. The clear 5mm I have work well so I painted them with clear yellow and green.

    If we can use the neopixels soon it will simplify wiring.

    Yes, with the xaml display I need to add another segment display for a speed trap.

    Did you learn anything actual speeds?



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      Actual speeds for a stock Tomy Turbo running on my (lower) 12V test voltage is a tad over 20km/h.
      I believe the speed calcs are probably correct in DRC now that I've worked out which sensors it's reading between, I'd be surprised if Dave got them wrong as he seems a fairly cluey fella

      Do you have various Windows options on your DRC install, such as results Windows etc??
      Mine doesn't, and I've even somehow lost the race bracket window, can't get it back even after a reinstall!


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        Yes, I thought they looked accurate but I haven’t double checked.
        Check the race setup menu. If you run a race without checking the DYO (Dial your own) then there is no bracket window.
        I was hoping to display a number of segments but the main screen will need the xaml modified to display them.


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          The DYO option should have nothing to do with the bracket window. They're two totally separate things. If this is the case (which I don't think it is) then its a bug in the xaml file I need to fix.


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            BTW, the new release that's up allows you to specify if your addition sensors are speed traps (timing from the SF line to the sensor) or segment sensors (time from the previous sensor to the current one). Whichever way you choose, you have to make sure you enter the segment distances appropriately.


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              Thanks Dave, I’ll give that a try.
              I was wondering about the race display, could it be dynamic and change depending on how many sensors you want to run?


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                Hi Paul, working with Dave regarding how/which track sensors are commonly set up and the race info from them.
                Care to add your thoughts/opinions/suggestions?

                Also anyone else with a strip, or those building one should have a say so Dave can get a clearer view of how we'd expect a scale drag strip to run.

                We're very lucky to have someone gracious enough to develop software, now's the time to contribute from the end user's perspective

                Either here or on the Slotforum pages (preferred I believe).



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                  I definitely prefer the other forum only because it keeps conversations in one place. I use this forum for routing stuff which is generally when I also catch up on what I missed in some of these posts...

                  That said, DRC supports something like 3-4 trap timings. If you don't have them it simply doesn't display them. Anything more than what is in the default would require a custom xaml. I essentially ran out of room on the default one so I crammed in what I could.

                  But I'm open to changing the default to better suit what the majority needs and/or help with custom files.


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                    Hi Paul
                    Please help me, I''ve been using the Arduino set-up from Dave with great success, I bought the BC04-B blue tooth board, it's connected, and my pc is picking it up, but in RC (com4 and com5) it can't connect, my programming knowledge is very limited, and I don't have an idea were to start looking for the problem. Any idea?