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  • ... and let's not forget that a lot of the past greats died racing before the end of their career.


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      • I made up my mind about Azerbaijan when it was the European GP. It has improved significantly and I reverse my earlier opinion about removing it from the schedule. It began some of the best 4 laps without DRS ever, and then continued to excite. OTLC galore (for F1). As Superslab and wet coast put so well earlier regarding Vettle, Bottas, Verstappen, Hamilton, Perez , Gasley and Albon. I had many similar thoughts as of late regarding these drivers. While it is true Bottas finished ahead of Hamilton, it was a dismal performance in one of the best cars.

        I expected safety cars for wall collisions and they did not occur. SC tend to make for bad races yet with tires exploding it is not the tracks fault.


        • Some interesting technical info here. Haas may not be all that quick this year (understatement) but in 2022 they could turn out to be the constructor of the year, eh?


          • They have always stretched the limits of what it means to be a constructor.

            Unless they decide to do things properly, and get Colton Herta onboard in 2023, I think the whole experiment, sadly, will be a huge fail.


            • Originally posted by NicoRosberg. View Post
              They have always stretched the limits of what it means to be a constructor.
              Fair point, except (theoretically) everyone is subject to the same regulations, which are rigid. Like some of the wings on those things ...

              I mean, if you look at the bigger picture, race teams have always worked within the rules, but uh creatively. Just like the Penske Ilmor-engined win at Indy a few years back. Frankly, I haven't checked, but probably those cars were built by Dallara in the UK as well.


              • More than a few years ago!

                (Try 27)

                I suspect the Indycars back then were at least partly built in Poole. Nothing to do with Dallara.


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