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    I used to find all the negativity people express about LH a drag, but now the idea these people are choking on their salad 10 or so times a year is delicious

    Of course his reign will end at some point, but there is a decent chance Max will be the next king, and I'll be a pig in clover. Again.


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      Yeah I'm a MV fan too, I'd be a more avid fan if he was a Brit.


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        As I said before, maybe somewhere else, the whole business of where somebody was born affecting support befuddles me, but I respect that for a lot of people it is indeed a factor - often the only one.


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          I can't explain it, maybe I'm just a patriotic Brit.

          I used to race R/C cars and one of the club members was an avid Ferrari fanboi who thought it hilarious when Lewis had problems in a race, a fervent Lewis hater, I found his attitude towards Lewis obnoxious and bordering on racist and often wondered why I even saw him as a friend. He's a prime recipient for the salad choking you mentioned earlier.


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            Originally posted by NicoRosberg. View Post
            Provisional dates

            1 Bahrain GP (Bahrain) 14 March
            2 Vietnam GP (Hanoï) 28 March
            3 China GP (Shanghaï) 11 April
            4 Azerbaijan GP (Baku) 25 April
            5 Dutch GP (Zandvoort) 2 May
            6 Spanish GP (Barcelona) 9 May
            7 Monaco GP (Monte-Carlo) 23 May
            8 Canadian GP (Montreal) 6 June
            9 Austrian GP (Spielberg) 20 June
            10 French GP (Paul Ricard) 27 June
            11 British GP (Silverstone) 11 July
            12 Hungarian GP (Budapest) 25 July
            13 Belgium GP (Spa) 29 August
            14 Italian GP (Monza) 5 September
            15 Russian GP (Sochi) 19 September
            16 Singapore GP (Marina Bay) 26 September
            17 Japanese GP (Suzuka) 10 October
            18 Australian GP (Melbourne) 24 October
            19 US GP (Austin) 7 November
            20 Mexican GP (Mexico) 14 November
            21 Saudi Arabian GP (Jeddah) 28 November
            22 Abu Dhabi GP (Yas Marina) 5 December
            Well, all the reports I've been reading over the last few days have indicated a season-opener at the middle of March in Australia, as has been the custom these last few years.

            What's the expectation in your part of the world, Bov?


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              They'll all saying - Albert Park in March ( spectators could be optional.. ) If you remember the bridge scene from Monty Python's Holy Grail - that could well be our immigration check points.....

              I'm assuming they're going to be insisting on the 2 weeks quarantine period prior to the event - so that could well be a significant stumbling block as of today, but in 4 months time - who knows....


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                Line-up as it currently stands:



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                  Looks like the Vietnam round may not take place, in fact the event might never take place.



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                    Originally posted by NicoRosberg. View Post
                    Looks like the Vietnam round may not take place, in fact the event might never take place.

                    Excellent, indeed. We totally agree (for once, eh?).

                    On the one hand, during this strange sports season, it's been remarkable how the big money people who run F1 have recovered from having to cancel the first race of the season, to eliminating some great (and even 'classic') venues such as Texas and Brazil (never mind Canada, geez) whilst also doing their best to reintroduce previous European events and tracks. It didn't all work out, but doing this will, essentially, have saved their season for 2020.

                    But the thrust to engage new countries / jurisdictions just because there are governments or companies with so many dollars available to make F1 happen there, under the veneer of 'opening up' something or other doesn't work for me.

                    F1 originated not just in Europe, but very soon in Australia and South Africa, and many other countries too. Given the mix of drivers, mechanics, teams, etc, it sort of inevitably morphed into what it is today.

                    But in my opinion, we don't need Vietnam. Or Saudi. Or any of these other dodgy countries with money to burn, in order to put on a modern sports show that most of them don't understand.

                    As a Mod, I'm keenly aware that this SCI has nothing to do with politics, and that's how it should be. That said, the site has always promoted 1:1 motor racing in all its' forms.

                    So I'm looking ahead, optimistically, to see where it all goes from here. I'll bet you that when they finally get back to racing in the Netherlands, there will be a lot of orange T-shirts in the stands!


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                      I agree with all of that, sadly money rules.


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                        I think LH will wait to see what 2022 brings, 8 titles should shut all the doubters up. Who knows what the hell will happen after he retires, he's still got 5 great years in're retired a long time in F1.


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                          The doubters will never warm to him.


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                            Call me puzzled, but what is it exactly that these 'doubters', uh, doubt?


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                              That he is a great driver.


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