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A Cadillac Kitbash

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  • A Cadillac Kitbash

    This was a kit bash that I did a while back.
    A 1/32nd scale 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham by Gunze Sangyo

    The sensible choice of chassis seemed to be a Revell Stocker chassis, as I intended to run it against
    these and other similar kits to be made up. I had some nice whitewall tyres, and set up a Revell
    Galaxy chassis with some nice 72 pitch gears, bushes and axle, and some BWA 15 x 6mm
    wheels I had lying about – Chassis runs sweet, even though it lacks much in the way of guide lead.

    The first thing I discovered was that luxurious Caddys came with a wheelbase longer than some
    football fields. Time to get creative – or butcherous.

    So I stripped the chassis bare, cut it, fitted a ¾”/ 20mm wide section of plasticard, braced it with
    some brass rod, and stuck the whole thing together with JB Weld, while holding it square and flat
    on a chassis flattening plate with lots of magnets.

    Now I would like to inform you that this looks a bit rough because it has just dried and I haven’t
    cleaned it up yet. I would LIKE to tell you that, but mother said I shouldn’t lie.

    But when it was done, I had a chassis with the correct wheelbase, which runs very nice, smooth,
    and predictable.

    The body posts were made up to fit at back, and in the front, I used a small square of velco
    under the bonnet and on the top of the plate which holds the front axle assembly. It took a bit
    of messing about to get the height correct, but once done it was an easy solution for a car that
    isn’t going to be an out and out racer.

    Undercoat then some silver, then finished with several light coats of gloss black, and I am ready
    to cruise Sunset boulevard.

    A bit of work to do on inserts and other detail, and I really should fit it with some interior lights
    for cruising... one day. Meanwhile its elbows out the window, rolled up jeans and a white T-shirt
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      Sweet! I have that same kit and I bought a Chase Cars chassis, and BRM wire wheels for it. I'm curious about the whitewall tires. Are they rubber or urethane, and did they come with the whitewalls or did you have to paint or decal them ?
      The BRM wheels came with some real nice rubber tires, but I really think this car needs whitewalls like yours.


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        Heya Randy, the whitewalls came like that. They came as part of a pack of samples from a small USA maker of urethanes about 10 years back. I forget who the company was.
        As it turned out, our NZ hobby moved away from urethanes to higher grip soft rubbers like NSR, and now also, Sideways etc, so I never imported from them.

        I treasured those whitewalls for years, waiting for a worthy use for them.


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          Very naughty! Nailed the stance and attitude.


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            Originally posted by SlotsNZ View Post
            I treasured those whitewalls for years, waiting for a worthy use for them.
            Well.. if any car deserves whitewalls, it's a '57 Eldorado


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