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AMT 1/32 GT40 body glue

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  • AMT 1/32 GT40 body glue

    I have my father's AMT 1:32 GT40, and I'd like a recommendation for the best glue to use to reconnect the body to the body mounts.

    I'm guessing the body is lexan, and the mounts appear to be plastic, so maybe ABS?

    I figured I'd clean it up and put it out on display somewhere.

    Any thoughts?


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    That body may be butyrate, rather than Lexan, butyrate yellows and often curls up with age. Any organic solvent based glue is likely to damage the paint on the inside of the body. A water based PVA glue, like Testors clear parts cement may work, but the bond might not stand up to a crash. You might try something like the 3M double sided strips used to hang small pictures.


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      Originally posted by RichD View Post
      You might try something like the 3M double sided strips used to hang small pictures.
      Double sided tape is a good idea. It seem like there might be enough surface are on the mounts for it to stick to.

      I don't plan to run it, so crashing shouldn't be an issue. It is in running condition, but I'm not sure it would get far with the tires it has on it.

      Anyone know of reproduction tires for this car?


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        Vintage cars used double flanged wheels while modern wheels usually have a center ridge. In addition rubber tires are injection molded while silicone and urethane tires are poured. I do not think that anyone makes replacement rubber tires to fit double flanged wheels. Super Tires does sell double flanged aluminum wheels and both silicone and urethane tires in several diameters to fit them. In a pinch you could use rubber, silicone or urethane tires that are made for wheels with a center ridge, it would be best to use O rings to fill in the space where the center ridge would be.
        Professor sells a variety of 1/32nd scale double flanged wheels, you might want to check to see if he also has rubber tires to fit them.


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          Originally posted by Axle View Post
          Anyone know of reproduction tires for this car?
          I'm still trying to decide what type of tape to try, but I have an answer for the tires. I picked up a set of Ortmann tires from Electric Dreams. Part number ORT50L. These tires were listed as fitting the RS W006 wheels (12mm dia x 7mm wide), which are roughly the same size and use a double flange like the ATM wheels.

          I found another site,, (I'm guessing British from the "tyres" and GBP prices) which gave dimensions for a few of the Ortman tires. That's how I got to the 50L.

          I couldn't find a better source for dimensions. It's possible there is a better size, but these seem pretty close. At least they are not shedding little foam pieces all over the place like the old ones.




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