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Advice wanted on the right kind of Super Glue

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  • Advice wanted on the right kind of Super Glue

    I am trying to mend a break on a resin body. And I wonder if anyone else here has found a good super glue (cyanoacrylate?) that will work well on resin bodies. I know I must clean the area first to remove any release oils from the area. And I've used super glue for a number of modelling projects. Metal to wood, plastic to metal, I've even tried the wrong type and ruined a nice clear windshield. But this need is just a simple break in the resin at a body mounting post and I will probably not use the post in this part of the body now in order to take te strain off of the repaired area. But I'm hoping someone here has used Super glue to repair a resin body and can recommend the type to use. Thanks.

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    I would first try HYSOL with a strip of fiberglass or carbon fiber cloth laid across the break. Otherwise I would use a 2-part epoxy.


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      Thin superglue sprinkled with bicarb powder.


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        Done a lot of resin builds, I've had the best luck with Loctite 'professional liquid' out of the blue bottle/long blue cap. Don't use much at all, just into the joint and let it rest for an hour to handle it. I'll leave it alone til tomorrow usually. It beefs up really well with the baking soda trick too when you do something structural..



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          Most any "brand" name will work fine. I've seen "no-name" cyanoacrylates work just fine on various plastics.

          But as noted above, I mostly use the Loctite. Doesn't have to be the "professional" label. I've done several resin and styrene builds with the "standard" Loctite. Resin to resin, brass to resin, stainless to resin and aluminum to resin. All work great with the standard stuff.

          It also works well on the plastic that uses for their bodies and chassis.



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            Thanks everyone. All good advice. And I was a little worried because my supply of super glue was kind of ancient too. So here's what I did. I went to a Hobby Lobby and bought a botte of EXTREME POWER Medium and also a new bottle of Gorilla Glue brush and nozzle Super Glue but the Extreme Power I used did the trick. And it really looks good for a repair. Thanks so much for you guys and this great advice. You are the best.


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