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Chassis to body.

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  • Chassis to body.

    Hey all! I am having quite a time finding pictures, videos or how to's to attach the body to the chassis. Any help would be appreciated.

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    What body are you wishing to fit on a chassis? Probably the HRS/2 is the best known and most versatile, but perhaps you're wishing to use something else that you already own.


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      Don't need the chassis right now. Looking to understand hat attach a body to a chassis (generic). Is the a universal way of attaching? I have 1/32 32 coupe and a old model of a TR7 i would like to make a slot. Frustrating


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        AMT 1/32 Ford Ranchero adapted for use with a brass chassis.
        Pictures of a two screw mounting stance.
        Evergreen #227 tubing in the front with brass inserts for 2.5mm screws.




        Thank you ,

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          There is 2 evergreen plastic tube sizes usefull for this job OD 4.71 and 3.18mm( I think the sizes in inches are 3/16 and 1/8
          ) that fit perfectly one in the other enabling us to make a telecopic joint.
          I cut a piece each one for each body post I want to make.Length should be shorter than needed for the chassis to reach the body.I screw the 3.18 dia pieces on the chassis paying attention to be vertical.
          Then I slip on them the 4.71 dia pieces.I strip the body from cockpit and windshiled.Then I attach the chassis on the body using oversized tires and axles so that the wheels will sit centered in wheel wells

          I pay attention so that the inner tubes DO NOT contact the body whereas the external tubes do contact it.Through the windshield openings I apply some epoxy glue to attach the outer body posts to the body and when the epoxy sets I remove the body.I add more epoxy to strengthen the bond.If everything is right I get half of the body post on the body and half on the chassis.No glue yet.

          Then I fit the car with appropriate wheels and axles,adjust the chassis height ,then fill the body side posts with static modell glue or cyano(I prefer the former because it gives you time to correct errors)



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            If you are going to use posts to mount a body those will tend to break off where they are glued to the body. The chances of that happening will be greatly reduced if you put a foot on the end of the post before you glue the post to the body. Cut out a 3/8 to 1/2 inch square from some scrap plastic and drill a hole in the center of that so the post will be a snug fit. Glue the post to the foot, regular model cement works good for that. Be sure to make the post a little longer than you think that you will need, you can shorten it later. Next attach your posts to the chassis with screws and sit the body on the posts. You may have to remove the posts and shorten them to get the body to sit right. Once they body is sitting correctly you can glue the posts to the body using epoxy cement or JB Weld. Once the epoxy has set it is best to mix up another batch and put some around the edges of the feet and where the body posts attach to the feet.


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              Yeah...there is NO generic...way of doing this.
              For every car, for every builder, there can be different methods.

              Pin the body to the chassis. Different locations.
              Screw the body to the chassis rocker panel areas.
              Use posts to screw the chassis to the body.
              Use posts and sockets (see HR chassis method).

              What chassis and what body are you working with ?



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                I don't like body posts...period.

                I prefer mounting the body at the sides, tape is light and easy and if you do it right you can't see it from the sides.

                With my 3D printed chassis I prefer to build in access to mounting blocks in the sills, screwed in from underneath and glued to the insides of the bodyshell.


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                  Here's a VW Golf I printed in resin, I added the body mounts in 3D Builder, then imported an M2 screw and 'extracted' that from the mount to leave M2 threaded holes...and they printed perfect.




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