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Help with Plymouth Shutdown Please!

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  • Help with Plymouth Shutdown Please!

    Hi. Forgive me if this topic has been covered a million times, but does anyone know where I could get reproduction tires for my 1969 Plymouth Shutdown drag set. I believe it's 1/39th scale from what I've read on the web. I haven't put it together in years, but I'm dying to. One rear axel is slightly bent as well, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it(probably with a hammer and a torch.) Thanks for any information you can share about this!

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      Beautiful Work!

      Thanks for the reply Slotcardan. Really nice work you've done there! I'm envious of your skills. Unfortunately I'm not in the same league. Thanks for the very detailed breakdown of your tire-making process. If by any chance you still have the molds for your shutdown car's tires, I'd love to buy tires from you. I realize you put a ton of effort into making them, so I'd be happy to pay a fair price. Not out of laziness, just out of a crazy schedule, I don't see myself making my own any time soon, but I'll admit you're inspiring. I'll have to do some research on vacuum chambers etc. I really wish I had a chassis I could give to you! Honestly, if I ever come across one, I'll grab it for you. Thanks again for thoughtful response.


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        I should still have the molds, not sure if my RTV is still good,,, at the moment I'm geared up for making polypropylene Gears for another project. I have to locate the formula i came up with for the tires.

        i have more plastic casting and mold making I'm doing at the moment. it has been about a year since i made the tires for the Plymouth shutdown and scat city sets.
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          tire vendors

          Try Smiling Ray Slot Car Parts. He does sell vintage and modern hand cast tires for the hobby. He might be talked into making these tires as well - they are not shown on his current website.


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            ok i got the molds out and cooked up a batch of 4 tires they just came out of the vacuum chamber and now they get to set for 24-48 hours. will let you know how they come out take photos and stuff.

            If 25$ including shipping sounds good let me know.

            wait until i let you know they are ready i need to check and clean them when they come out of the molds to make sure they are good, i will test them also.

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                Look for PM

                Hi Slotcardan,

                I sent you a PM, so if you don't see it, please let me know. Thanks!


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                  The Shutdown box art is super cool! Looks like it's already been scanned; that needs to be oversize printed and framed.

                  Seriously. I would if I could. Might you be willing to share a nice big hi-res Photoshop file?

                  I'm always struck by how proportionally correct the AMT cars seem to be. The Bonneville CHP car with the dog dish hubcaps is amazing; the Wildcat, Camaro (and Mustang) also have the look.
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                    shutdowner60 sent you a pm back.

                    the boxes are too large to scan in one shot with the modern small flat bed scanners. i took a crappy photo and cropped it for the label. somebody did once post a hires file of the box art but i don't think it is around any more.

                    AMT made promo bodies which were dealer models of new cars that is why they are accurate they had to be approved by the auto makers and they sold them at dealerships for kids when the parents came into buy a new car.

                    the plastic on these promos was also thicker and stronger as it was meant for a kid to play with. they made friction motor and AM radio sound models that you listened to the radio on with a speaker. they also turned some into craftsman models or annual models these had screw assembly, like a toy.

                    mine are custom versions i made for the AMT turnpike racing set.
                    i made light and sound versions as well.


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                      Got it! A little cloning and it's a cool poster.


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                        Glad you got your image file from Slotcardan! Sorry I didn't reply to your request. I planned to, but unfortunately hadn't gotten around to it yet. Seems like it worked out.


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                          sorry wasn't me Pinto_Girl got it from elsewhere.

                          came out great

                          let me know how i did with the tires.


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                            Found it online. Color correction brought it back to life. It's such a great graphic; totally worth it.

                            Looks like it's the Road Runner for the win!
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