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ACE Hobby I.R.O.C extravaganza !

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  • ACE Hobby I.R.O.C extravaganza !

    Another great race day at Ace Hobby in Niagara Falls, U.S.A.

    Ron was his usual "gracious" host at his great routed track and hobby store.
    We had FOURTEEN participants and loads of fun at the track.
    Pizza,DONUTS, and beverages were top of the line as per usual.
    This idea came from Kevin Raybeck and was a HUGE success.
    Joe, setting up the computer, was his usual outstanding self. Really !

    Our 1st. IROC race was NASCAR. Sal did an awesome job of bringing in 4 of his cars which were a blast to drive. His effort to create these cars are much appreciated.
    The 2nd. race was the LMP cars. Four different cars supplied by various members of the ACE gang. Close racing and tons of fun !
    3rd. was a C-Class race. These cars flew and ran to perfection !
    ACE dudes also supplied the cars.

    Troydog won all 3 events!
    So the next 2 best racers ran against Troy in the ACE HOBBY IROC championship.
    Ummmm. Troy won with 75 laps followed by Alex and Joe.

    Our racers included ..Edgar,Brian Hodge,Leah Hodge, Kevin,Bob,Fritzy, John,Sal,Troy,Joe,Brian,Art, and Alex.

    We are SO fortunate to have such a great hobby store near us in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls area.

    If ever in the area call Ron at 716-282-2010. Family owned since 1947 !
    Located at 3019 Niagara Street, Niagara Falls NY .
    Ace Hobby sells slot cars/trains/models/paint and many other hobby items.

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    I love visiting the store whenever I get up that way! The last bastion of spare parts in stock in Upstate NY! I've never had a chance to race there though. I do have a question,what motors and gear ratios work well on the track for Iroc or TransAm cars?

    Don Murphy
    Geneva, NY


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      Call the sore and ask Ron. He is a wealth of knowledge regarding slot cars.
      And yes.....tons of parts there !