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Open House in Hockenheim Germany

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  • Open House in Hockenheim Germany

    A bit of a trip for most who read here but you never know so I figured I would allow myself a little post...

    On 20 Oct from 1 PM to 6 PM you can visit one of the best wooden tracks in Germany for 1/24 (and 1/25) scale racing!

    The have allowed me to put up an ARC PRO digital layout as well as some other cars to show the breadth of the slot car hobby.

    Some of the master model builders will be on hand to show how these beautiful machines are made to go around their tracks.

    Anyhow, if by some odd chance you are anywhere between Frankfurt and Stuttgart and Strasbourg you are within an hour's drive of the club so please stop by and laugh at me losing my wits at handling my first public event!

    Most club members speak English and I speak French (my French-speaking abilities are in direct correlation to how much wine I am drinking)

    Google this for German info:

    Slot am Ring Hockenheim e.V.
    Bürgermeister-Hund-Straße 27
    68766 Hockenheim
    And I tried to upload a flyer with a link to English-language version of the flyer.

    Feel free to contact me if there are any question.

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    A very provisional schedule which could change but in general the various series and layouts are in the document which might be interesting..
    Maybe, through some miracle... I will see you there. :-)