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  • Santa Barbara & Ventura County All Scale Slot Car Club

    Anyone in the Santa Barbara and Ventura County areas interested in participating in ANY scale racing = 1/64 (HO), 1/43, 1/32 and 1/24 in a club atmosphere, please respond and/or email.

    1/64 scale:

    I have a Scott Dunlap 5 x 14' PVC routed HO track with Trakmate timing. This is a great track for T & G Jets and anything less than a modified ie no strong downforce. Retro is happening in all scales, this will be the focus. Also, I'm on the A list for some of the hot new brass cars

    David Wycoff, owner of Hobby Central in Santa Barbara is getting a 4 x 8' routed PVC HO track also.

    1/43 scale:

    1/32 scale:

    I have a couple tracks that would work nicely for 1/32 scale racing and am currently building more.

    1/24 scale:

    I have one track that can be used for Retro, D3 racing. More tracks are in the works.

    Clubs race what club members want to race. I have found that starting with relatively simple classes to appeal to a broad band of potential racers is best. I believe in using proven systems and there are several International Race Programs to look at.

    Local Club Programs that would take preference IMO:

    1/64 scale = SCHOR is pretty much for high downforce racing, I know Oscar and Jim Williams are racing some reasonably inexpensive classes. Comprehensive listing of clubs @ http://www.rockislan.../links_page.htm . May be a bit out of date. AHORA in AZ.

    1/43 scale - Yea, I'll race anything! This is a cool newer scale that's gaining popularity.

    1/32 scale = Farrout Racing , ITG ,

    1/24 scale = D3 , OSCAR , IMCA which I highly recommend .
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    Bob, I like that last track a lot. It looks like all the turns are 4 foot in diameter except the large sweeper at the far end. Is the ess leading to the donut one piece of MDF?

    Best regards,


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      Originally posted by Kemtronracer View Post
      Is the ess leading to the donut one piece of MDF?
      Thank you. Yes, it's one piece from the donut to the lead on (clockwise). It's quite fun for how small it is.


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        A bit late to the game here but I live in Ventura now and have been looking for folks interested in slot car racing. I have all 1/32 scale currently and a nice home track 12 X 5 Ninco analog. Still working on the landscaping.