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RAA for BFOS 2k6.3

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  • RAA for BFOS 2k6.3

    Hi Bitpushers. I'll be trying to schedule a race for the last Saturday of each month. For round 3 of the championship we will be running the RAA cars at The Coffin and this will count for points. Over 800 points are up for grabs in this event as there are approximately 60 cars to be run.

    The race will be run as a shared tournament on two separate days for each class: LMP (magged) and GTS (non-mag). To participate we will require a full day commitiment as each driver will have to race each car in each lane. Each car must run a minimum 15 minutes in this event.

    So is anyone game for a hard-core day (or two) of running some of the best slot cars in North America? Drop me a line if you are. I'll publish more info here as the date draws near.
    Yes...I ll race both rounds! I wouldn't miss it!
    I can race one round: LMP mag rockets for sure!
    I can race one round: GTS lead sleds for sure!
    Maybe I can race...I need to check with the warden.
    No, I can't make this me 3 laps instead?

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    Those are my principles, and if you don't like them... well, I have others. (Groucho)

    Unless the points for the RAA event are dramatically reduced, perhaps only a point for a win and no points for second or high speed, I don't believe the RAA should be included in the 2k6 calender.

    These races, for me, are mostly about getting together for some fun, but I'd also like to think that I at least have a chance, remote though it may be, of winning the championship. Anyone that's uninterested, or unable to attend this RAA event would automatically be out of contention for the 2k6 championship.

    I vote for leaving it off the schedule, or for a points cap that would be compariable to a more typical (whatever that is) BFOS event.


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      BFOS 2k6 / RAA

      All good points Alfonso and I'll reconsider this whole idea. I'm just trying to get some drivers out for this event and offering points as an incentive.

      If it's only Reckless and I, then I most likely won't include this in the BFOS championship. If I can get, say, 4 BFOS drivers then I will include it for sure. Reduced points is the way to go as well. Most drivers missed at least one round of the championship last year, so making this round would help out those who will be away during the summer.

      Even if it's not part of the BFOS championship calendar, any takers in the GTA?