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  • BFOS 2k6.1

    The 2006 BFOS Championship gets under way with this event:

    El Swino has graciously offered to host this round of the BFOS on what looks like will be an awesome track: the Targa Toronto. This will be the last race held at this site, as it is being converted to a 1/32 scale shopping mall later in the year.

    I've picked up a Fly Lola B98 for the prize car:

    Race ON!
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    BFOS 2k6.1 grid

    Here's the proposed grid for the upcoming race. I may drop the Blaupunkt Porsche and replace it with the prize car.

    Less than 2 weeks to go 'til the launch of the 2k6 BFOS season! Bitpushers, don't forget to RSVP!
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      BFOS 2k6.1

      The provisional entry list:
      • El Swino
      • Reckless Racer
      • Alfonso Rev
      • Dr. Vanski
      • Triggerhappy
      • RAW
      Definite maybes:
      • Reef
      • The Dude
      See you at the Targa Toronto!
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        This track looks tremendous Dr.!

        I'll be there with my Lister and Nikon. I'll bring a couple of backup LMP's as well. What time is the earliest practice session .... going to need it with Leadfinger and RAW showing up.


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          BFOS 2k6.1 practice


          Official practice begins at 7. Racing at 8. Of course, the construction crew (me) will be there much earlier building the Targa, and with the help of El Swino, testing it. Feel like laying some plastic pavement?

          This'll be the first outing for the jumpers purchased from none other than SBS56 and a beta version of a new Ultimate Racer 3 release. I'll be sorry to lose this unique venue. Can somebody bring a video camera and some cables for the Homie Hairpin?


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            Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read.

            I'll bring my video camera with me. (Not necessarily as shown.)
            Looking forward to starting the 2k6 season.


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              Bfos 6.1

              I just wanted to thank all you guys for inviting me to the Targa Toronto , I had a blast. Big thanks goes out to El Swino for hosting it and Dr Vanski for creating and setting up and absoulty KILLER track that was a tone of fun to drive on as well as providing a great grid to drive.... with one exception, may the Panoz RIP . I am looking forward to more BFOS events! (thats is if I am ever invited back )
              Thanks again guys,


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                BFOS 2k6.1 results

                The first race of the Bipushers' Festival Of Speed 2k6 season is in the record books. El Swino was our gracious host, and laid out quite a spread for all of us to enjoy. The corner marshal's position by the buffet table did not lack volunteers.

                The grid for the evening was an array of LMP cars from various manufacturers.

                The Fly Panoz in the background was originally in the lineup, but suffered from an overheating motor. It was replaced by the NINCO BMW LMR art car. The race was timed using a new beta release of Ultimate Racer 3 software using the shared tournament mode: each driver would run each car in each lane by the end of the night. We scored 4 pts. for a win, 2 for second, 1 for third and for fastest lap. We also raced a modified crash and burn format: 3 crashes and you're out. Given the nature of the food El Swino laid out for us, crashing out had some small consolation.

                This track is one of the larges I've constructed to date as a four laner. The Targa Toronto featured Mr. Bugs Sensortrack for slot car detection, and Steve Sawtelle's (aka SBS56) awesome Scalextric Sport custom track jumper cables. Not a single skipped lap in over 2800 laps raced, and smooth power all the way around the circuit.

                Dr. Vanski, prize car in hand, checks out the carnage at Homey Hairpin.

                El Swino, Alfonso Rev, Dr. Vanski, Triggerhappy, and RAW put on their race faces.

                The drivers' can see the race timing screen as well as a remote camera's view of the blind Homey Hairpin. SBS' jumper cables are visible winding their way down the hallway.

                Eco-Foam to the rescue: this tight squeeze between curves in the stadium section didn't allow for standard Scalextric borders.

                As the event got under way, it became obvious that Triggerhappy would be a force to be reckoned with. It didn't seem to matter what car he had, he could put in a hot lap, and keep it on track for a solid finish. RAW and Reckless Racer did their best to bring the fight to him. The extra point for fastest lap was awarded based on the speed of the car over it's lap as there was a difference of 4' in lane length between the longest (red) and shortest (green) lanes. Even so, the red lane was the hot ticket of the evening.

                The Fly Lola B98 prize car exhibits their penchant for quality assembly. Dr. Vanski effects quick repairs during one of many snack breaks.

                By the end of the evening Triggerhappy was on the top step of the podium flanked by RAW and Reckless Racer.

                Triggerhapy / 90 pts
                RAW / 58 pts
                Reckless Racer / 50 pts

                The points totals can be viewed here. The fastest laps of the evening show that speed does not pay. Consistent laps do:

                Triggerhappy / Porsche 962 / 354.34 km/h / 6.230s / red lane
                Alfonso Rev / Porsche 962 / 349.91 km/h / 6.309s / red lane
                Dr. Vanski / Fly Lola B98 / 348.14 km/h / 6.341s / red lane

                RAW presents Triggerhappy with the BFOS trophy.

                After the victory celebration died down, Triggerhapp drew the name for the winner of the prize car.

                The suspense is killing these guys...

                And who was the lucky winner?

                L-O-L-A LOLA!

                None other than Reckless Racer! Interestingly enough, the prize car was the only vehicle to sustain any damage: the loss of one mirror. The crash and burn rules have really brought the car-nage under control.

                So a big thank-you to El Swino for hosting another awesome round of BFOS action. His downtown pad is my fave venue of the season. Thanks as well to Reckless Racer and RAW for the excellent photography. You can view a slideshow of BFOS action here. Thanks go out to Alfonso Rev for trusting the BFOS crowd with his video camera in the Homey Hairpin. Props to the cottage industry guys who make events like this possible: Ricky Torpedo's Ultimate Racer 3 software, SBS56's custom jumber cables, and Mr. Bugs' Sensortrack. And thanks to the BFOS competitors for making this such a fun event!

                Race ON!
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                  As anticipated, the Targa design was an excellent driving layout! thanks El Swino, what a spread! Another BFOS legendary event, enjoyed all except coming in third. Someday I'll surprise RAW


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                    Awsome job on capturing the evening Van, you have a way with words....and puns; car-nage, quite funny. I cant help but laugh at yet another new name for me ....triggerfinger... one day you will remeber what my name is . Or not.

                    And once again, great job on the set-up.



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                      Sorry there, Leadhappy...oh yeah, that's what we call RAW at Raceworld. Apologies!