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  • BFOS 2k6.4

    Round four of the BITPUSHERS' FESTIVAL OF SPEED will be run April 29th. I'm trying to keep the races at 1 a month, and so far we're on track. Look for a forthcoming announcement here.

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    BFOS 2k6.4

    Coming up on April 29th.:

    The theme for the event is Sebring '71, so we'll be running models of cars that were on the grid including a few actual race liveries.

    The prize car for this event is a Sloter Ferrari 312P.

    Should be a fun event. Race ON!
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      Cudos on the concept for this one Van...sounds like a good time. And again the track looks like it will be something i can really sink my teeth into.

      Are we going to be running these bad boys with training wheels?...... or magnutz would be the p.c. way of asking i guess

      Im counting the days!


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        The 12 minutes of Sebring

        Hi Brad,

        No magnutz! Hopefully word of my conversion will not travel too far, but I have seen the light. Non-magnut racing is more fun, and easier on the machinery. Terminal velocity is much lower during mid-corner deslots minimizing damage. Is it possible to further damage the damaged Fly Z1 Porsche? We'll find out on the 29th with BFOS crash and burn rules* in effect, further minimizing car-nage.

        I've got a design for the track that will fit into our tiny apartment. I'm thinking of running 2 IROC style races for production and prototype machines. Cars will stay in their respective lanes, and drivers will rotate through the lanes for 3 minute heats, hence the 12 minutes.

        There will probably be ample time for testing different cars, or maybe holding a support race in the same format. Track will open at 7 p.m. on the 29th, with qualifying starting at 8 o'clock sharp.

        For the purpose of research into the racing of toy cars, and to give people an idea of what happened back in 1971 at Sebring, I present this text from Peter Morgan's book "Porsche 917 - The Winning Formula":

        I've read less charitable descriptions of Rodriquez' behaviour in other accounts of this race.

        I'm hoping to put together a few more "historic" themed races together for the remainder of the BFOS season. The motorsports racing heritage is rich with stories and events, so if any BFOS participants have any ideas in this regard then let's hear 'em!

        PM me if you'd like to be on the BFOS mailing list for event announcements.

        Race on!

        * three crashes and you are out of the heat.
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          BFOS 2k6.4 Grid




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            The grid looks awsome Van and im glad we are going for the o'natural set up and not using those evil little magnutz

            I was taking a look and the design for the track and it looks smooth, flowing
            and a hell-of-a-lot of fun! I did see one car that scares me though... the barrel-role special, the Monogram Cobra Daytona. With crash and burn rules I'll be driving that quite 'gingerly' through the curves.

            One other question, where are we having this shindig?


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              BFOS 2k6.4

              Hey Brad,

              The race will be at our place in Leaside (Bayview and Eg.). Make sure that I have your email address and I'll get you a proper invite and make sure you're on the BFOS list (I thought you were? hmm...).

              The Shelby will be a challenge to tune as will the other Monogram cars. I'll see how it goes. A Cobra raced in this event too, so maybe that will be less top heavy?


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                Thanks for the 12 minutes of Sebring, Dr!

                the track and cars were tuned to perfection, a really great night of rugracing. Can't complain about winning the door prize too


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                  BFOS 2k6.4

                  Hi guys,

                  Thanks for the kind words Reckless. I'm glad you had a good time. I sure did! This round of the BFOS saw a new format to our races courtesy of a new tournament mode written into Ultimate Racer 3 software: the IROC tournament. The way it works: a car is assigned to each lane, and the drivers are rotated through each lane.

                  After being spoiled by all the great RAA non-mag cars, I made the decision to start running all my cars non-mag which only goes to hsow that you can teach a middle aged dog new tricks! So after spending a number of hours on the test track, and giving all the BFOSonians a chance to try all the cars, we came up with the grids for 3 separated races for the evening:

                  GT Vintage

                  GT Classic

                  LMP Classic

                  The format for each race was each driver spending 3 minute in each lane. Over the course of the evening we managed to hold 3 x 12 minute races with 8 drivers so the IROC tournament was really working out for us. The results for the evening were as follows:

                  GT Vintage

                  Alfonso Rev
                  Johnny Lugnuts

                  GT Classic

                  Johnny Lugnuts
                  Alfonso Rev
                  Triggerhappy / Reckless Racer

                  LMP Classic

                  Dr. Vanski
                  Triggerhapy/Johnny Lugnuts
                  Reckless Racer

                  I messed up the points scoring for the GT Vintage race, so top speed rewarded the hotshoe who scored it with 3 points. Otherwise, we scored 4 points for a win, 2 points for second, 1 point for third, and 1 point for fastest lap (speed).

                  When I tallied up all the points the following day, the winners were:

                  38 pts. Johnny Lugnuts
                  34 pts. Alfonso Rev
                  30 pts. Triggerfinger

                  I've saved PDFs of the fastest lap speeds for each category as well:
                  GT Vintage
                  GT Classic
                  LMP Classic
                  The reason I've used lap speed instead of lap time is that there was over 1.5m difference in lap length, so lap speed at least gave an idea of relative performance between the different lanes.

                  I'll be mailing the trophy out to you soon, Johnny. PM me with your snail mail address when you get the chance, OK? Congratulations on your victory, and welcome back to the BFOS!

                  While this tournament is not as high scoring in terms of total points as past events, it was off the scale on the fun-o-meter. I'll be looking forward to the next round of BFOS 2k6 where I hope to organize the racing in a similar format.

                  Race ON!


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                    Thanks again Van, another great BFOS event.

                    Top notch job on the reporting as well, you have definitely mastered the art of running that software.



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                      Thanks for the good times, Doctor. No complaints about coming second to Mr. Lugnuts. I'm unsure as to why my speed decreased as the evening went on. No doubt the samples taken by the regulators will reveal discrepancies between pre and post race heavy fuel levels.

                      Great format for race night. Twice as many cars and built in intermissions.

                      Looking forward to the next one.


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                        Thanks for hosting a slick event, Vanski. No mags = lots 'o fun. A refreshing format, too. Thanks also for providing the snack table.

                        See ya next time, dudes!



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                          One of these days, I am gonna have to make it out east to one of your events, if only so I could claim to be an honorary bitpusher. Van, you put on a hell of a show!


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                            thanks you guys!

                            Wow...I'm glad you all had a good time! Everyone seems to enjoy the IROC format so I think we'll stick with it for the most part. Longer races...more cars to try...snack's all good. Paul, you're welcome to crash on our sofa if you make the trek.

                            See you guys at Mosport some time soon!