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  • BFOS 2k6.5

    Round 5 of the BFOS championship goes down Saturday, May 20th. Stay tuned for details...

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    I start racing that night with Lugnuts turning a wrench or 2. No magnets!!!


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      BFOS 2k6.5

      Sorry you can't make it Dave, thought it sounds like you'll be having a blast all the same!

      I've received confirmation of the next race's location today. Look out for a further announcement r.e. some Mosport action soon...


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        CanAm Thunder

        Check it out next Saturday:

        Be there, or be square.


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          BFOS 2k6.5 prize car

          To the victor (of the draw prize), go the spoils:

          It's a CA6 Vanquish MG McLaren M8D. The 1:1 car was driven to a 6th. place finish by Lothar Mostchenbacher at the '72 Mosport CanAm race. It's a BFOS tradition to race the prize car, and this is no exception. She has been tuned to run mag free and is ready to race!
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            Looks good Van..... I think this would be a great race to take finnaly take home the prize car!!!

            Do you have any images or rough digrams of what the 'mini' Mosport is going to look like?



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              Look at post #3, mr. Triggerhappy, and click on the link! Dang I'm sure sad I can't make this round .... that track is gonna be wicked!


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                BFOS 2k6.5

                Hey Brad,

                What Reckless said...

                So we will be running a similar format to the last event: 3 different races with the last being the CanAm event. We'll have a practice session before each round so the racers will have the opportunity to try out different cars and narrow down the grid for each race. Here's what I've planned for us so far:

                Race 1 will be a GT Vintage event.

                I've been busy starting with my oldest models first, tuning them for non-mag running hence the selection here. I've arranged them fastest to slowest on my test track with less than a second setting them apart.

                Next up will be a Porsche 911 IROC:

                This should make for some very close racing.

                Last up will be the Vanquish machines:

                These big boys should make for some close racing. See you at the track!


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                  doubledang missing the BFOS of the year!


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                    what a grid..

                    Looks like you have out done yourself Van. The grid looks awsome, especially the 911's and the Vanquish's. Can't wait.


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                      fun at the club house

                      Another awesome event, Doctor, and a big thanks to Paul, location owner/management, for letting us all play in his big club house, I mean, place of work.

                      You were certainly right about the 911 IROC event being close. A three way tie for first, you can't get much closer than that!

                      Once again I'm impressed by the flexibility of this style of tournement. Late comers could jump in at the begining of the next event, or early retirees could leave, without throwing any serious kinks into the evenings point standings.

                      Looking forward to the next event. Rumor has it that it may be back in Leslieville.


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                        BFOS 2k6.5: Racing Improves The Breed

                        Hey guys,

                        Thanks for the kind words Alfonso. This had to be one of the largest BFOS circuits to date. Steve Sawtelle's (SBS56) Sport jumper tracks kept the juice flowing as each lane was powered by a stock wall wart.

                        Those kinks down the back straight caught quite a few of us out. A big thank-you to Paul for hosting this round. Between the track, pool table, pingpong, and x-box there was always a shortage of marshals! Not too big of a deal since BFOS crash and burn rules were in effect: three crashes and you are out of the heat.

                        Big props to SCI member Ricky Torpedo for his constant upgrading of Ultimate Racer 3 software. The latest version has a few choices for race screens which are informative and easy to read in the heat of competition. If you're looking for race management software, UR3 is worthy of consideration. The practice mode made for quick and easy qualifying, and the IROC tournament allowed us to race through the heats while the computer kept score.

                        The first race up was the GT Vintage class.

                        The Carrera 300 SLR eventually died on us. All four cars made it into the top 50, with the fastest lap speed of 239.24 km/h set by Triggerhappy using the Ferrari 166. Our scoring system awarded 4 pts. for first, 2 pts. for 2nd, and a pt. for third and fastest lap speed. We use lap speed instead of time to award the final point since there is over 1.5m difference in lane length from the inside to the outside lane. When the dust settled, the points scored were:

                        16 pts. Triggerhappy
                        15 pts. Johnny Lugnuts
                        10 pts. D00D

                        Next up was the Porsche 911 challenge.

                        Out of deference to the NINCO 934 pro-shock lovers, we included the #61 934. This car hopped so badly that we pulled it after one heat and replaced it with another Fly car.

                        The cars with stock tires were at a definite disadvantage. The two cars in the middle lanes shod with Ortmanns and Supertires ruled the top 50 with the fastest lap again racked up by Triggerhappy at 252.10 km/h. Identical cars made for close racing with a three way tie for first:

                        12 pts. Triggerhappy / Dr. Vanski / Alfonso Rev
                        9 pts. Johnny Lugnuts / In Charge
                        6 pts. Porsche 930 / Mark / Aerostarz

                        That's a mighty crowded podium with 8 out of 10 drivers on it!

                        Last up were the ground pounding CanAm machines. Not a single burned out diff between them.

                        On Sport track there's only a sliver of daylight between these cars.

                        These cars were a blast to race! Plenty of paint trading in these heats. All four cars were in the top 10 in terms of absolute lap speed with Triggerhappy again taking the top lap speed honours at 217.97 km/h. BFOS newcomer Parnelli acquitted himself well in bringing home the second fastest CanAm lap of the night.

                        When the dust settled, the CanAm closely fought CanAm championship resulted in the following winners being on the podium:

                        13 pts. Triggerhappy
                        12 pts. Dr. Vanski
                        11 pts. Johnny Lugnuts

                        After the victory celebrations died down, it was time for our CanAm champion Triggerhappy to draw for the evening's prize:

                        Dr. Vanski was shocked at the result of the draw: BFOS newcomer In Charge was the prize car winner! Before the car was handed over, some quick cosmetic repairs were put in effect.

                        There you go Serge, good as new!

                        So after getting home with my race computer, and doing some ciphering, I was able to determine the overall winner of this event:

                        41 pts. Triggerhappy
                        35 pts. Johnny Lugnuts
                        31 pts. Dr. Vanski

                        Another round in the books. A big THANK-YOU to Paul for hosting the event of the season. Thanks all round to all the new guys who came out for this race. Watch for a forthcoming announcement regarding the next round, rumoured to be held at the Leslieville Speedway.
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                          thanks guys, I enjoyed the mosport "classic" style ..... check the Dr.'s Maser making the rounds!


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                            BFOS 2k6.5

                            Hello Van,

                            What a great venue for the event! Make sure to shower whoever made the space available with lavish gifts and send them a card during the holiday season!And what a terrific layout - you'll really have to work hard to top that for your next event!! Looks like everyone had a good time!

                            Nice work guys!!

                            Area 51 Raceway


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                              Bfos 6.5

                              Yet another great creation by the Dr.

                              The layout was perfect with fast sections blended in with the tight and technical. Perfect job on creating a mini-mosport Van. What a great night. And as always the reporting is top notch.... i think it is safe to say that BFOS has the most detailed and functional race reporting of any slot-series I have ever raced in - or seen for that matter. Van is trully the 'Dr.'