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  • BFOS 2k6.6

    Watch this thread for an announcement concerning a BFOS race event tentatively scheduled for late June.

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    BFOS 2k6.6

    This installment of the BFOS will roll Sunday June 11 at the Leslieville Speedway. Doors will open for practice at 2 p.m. with a BBQ break by supper time.

    More details to follow...


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      BFOS 2k6.6

      The green flag drops June 11 on a revised Avus circuit:

      Possibly the last BFOS event ever to be held at the Leslieville Speedway complex. Good friends, good food, and good times. Be there!


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        I know you're going to ask, Brad..., this is what the track will look like:

        It's based on the Avus circuit in Germany as it was cofigured between 1968-88. This track was an all out blast up and down the autobahn outside Berlin. What appealed to myself and Alfonso Rev was the traffic circle down at the far end.

        The feature race will be with cars, with the support races TBA.


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          Am I that predictable?

          Looks like that will be a fast race with slot-it power.....nice.


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            BFOS 2k6.6

            Am I that predictable?
            In a word: yes.

            The feature race will have 50 lap heats as requested by Alfonso Rev, our host for the afternoon. I may tweak the design a bit to give the outside lanes a harder time, but it will be along those lines.

            By the way, a big THANK-YOU to Reckless Racer for taking the excellent photos for the invites.

            Race ON!


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              The 2nd running of the Confusion 200 at Leslieville

              The first, of what is promised to be many, posters from the PR boys at Max Throttle Racing...

              No word on whether Mr Throttle still has any affiliation with Tequila Cuervo La Rojena.
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                BFOS 2k6.6 Race Lineup & Prize Car

                Hi guys,

                I was over at The Coffin last night tuning some cars for next Saturday's event. A hearty thank-you to Reckless Racer for helping me sort these cars and run a few shakedown laps with me.

                The GT Vintage cars will figure in the first race. This seems to be a good warmup class, and gives slot newbies a feel for actually driving the cars.

                Round 2 will see a BMW Procar challenge. The Fly M1s run surprisingly well sans mag. Eric helped me take care of the excessive lateral play in the rear axle of these cars. There are some fender rub issues with the front wheels, but once that's taken care of these cars will be awesome racers. Nuthin' wrong with a Fly sidewinder car.

                Sorry for the false advertising on the poster, but here are the cars We managed to shake down for battling at AVUS:

                I'll have to give you guys a bash at my Jag and Kouros Sauber some other time. Great runners, all of these cars and very close in terms of performance. Should make for a real drivers' contest.

                The Porsches seem a little harder to come by lately so there's no 956/962 prize car. Instead, Ernie at Raceworld had some Audis on sale so I picked up this little number for the winner of the draw prize.

                Ortmanns are installed on the rear, and this car is hooked up!
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                  The Future is bright, the Future is Max Throttle Racing...


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                    No confusion here, looking forward to the "max throttle" on that layout! The slot-its should rock Leslieville thoroughly.


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                      A V U S is the shizzle!

                      I managed to build AVUS today with a little help from my friends. Here are some views looking towards the traffic circle.

                      A great way that kids can "help" with the track building is to let them set up all the people. Alfonso Rev's son Jason set up some pit action. Lots going on in the paddock during AVUS open practice.

                      Looking towards the pits:

                      I thought Jason did a great job scenicking down at the traffic circle. Looks like a good place for the spectators:

                      It's great when Homies, Scalextric blokes, and Monogram dudes can all get along.


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                        ****, I wish I could be there Van!

                        That Audi would go great in my collection, too ...

                        Kimi's turn tomorrow, I figure, by the way. Can't be letting young Fernando run away with it now can we?


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                          AVUS action

                          Paul, you could bring the towels. I'm sure I could find some more trackside scenery. Should be some good racing all scales!


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                            Looks fun, Doc, but didn't Avus have some banking?


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                              AVUS banking

                              It sure did:

                              Up to 43 deg. when first built. It's tough to pull off with Sport track though. Carrera track would do a better job of it.

                              By the time Group C cars hit AVUS, the banking was long gone.

                              It was considered too dangerous. Even the BMW Procars raced there in the day.

                              How cool is it that we can race the slot versions of these awesome machines?!

                              The 1:1 track is now closed, but the final event looks like it would have been awesome!

                              There's a three star Best Western that you can stay at where the track once was. It's the building with the three pointed Mercedes Benz star on the roof (visible in the first photo). I'm glad that we have the likes of the 550 Spyder or 300 SLR to flog around our mini-AVUS.

                              Some great racing posters, program covers, and other racing ephemera at They have covers filed by track here.

                              Race ON!
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