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    I remember seeing a picture of a driver sliding into 2nd base and just above his head is his F-1 car, tail high about to slam into the track. The driver was Prince Bera and I think the F-1 was a Maser ( was is the key word ). 1957?


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      This musta hurt:

      Hans Hermann in 1959?

      From this Polish web site.


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        That's the one Doc! The one I saw must have been taken just an instant before yours, because the parts hadn't started coming off yet.


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          BFOS 2k6.6 Race Results

          Another round of the BFOS is in the history books. Before I get into what happened, I'd like to thank Alfonso Rev for being such a generous host, and avid supporter of the BFOS organization. As a founding member of the BFOS he has brought keen insights to bear upon how races were organized and run, and has also demonstrated awesome prowess at the grill. Alfonso will be pulling up stakes and moving the Rev family to Saskatoon this summer.

          The last race at the Leslieville Speedway featured another incarnation of the AVUS circuit.

          BMW M1 Porcars powerslide around the traffic circle. Reckless Racer Photo

          This version, without the chicane, and with a traffic circle at the south end made for an excellent venue.

          First race up was the GT Vintage class.

          The fastest cars of the evening were the Porsche 550 Spyder (6.250 - Dr. Vanski) followed by the Jaguar XK120 (6.389 - Alfonso Rev) and the Porsche Speedster (6.567 - Alfonso Rev). Pretty amazing what 14g of lead and Ortmann tires will do for James Dean!

          When the dust settled the results were:
          13 pts - Alfonso Rev
          10 pts - Trigger Happy
          8 pts - Reckless Racer / Dr. Vanski

          Next up was the BMW M1 Procar race. All cars were totally stock except for my front axle mod.

          The Procars grid for the start. Reckless Racer photo

          The three fastest laps of the night were Triggerhappy in the #6 Piquet car (6.253s - green lane), Reckless Racer also in the #6 car (6.351s - green lane), and Dr. Vanski with the Warhol art car (6.362s blue lane). I suspect that lane length had more to do with this result in terms of the cars than any thing else as the other two did not even register in the top 50. Results for the Procar race were as follows:

          13 pts - Triggerhappy
          11 pts - Alfonso Rev
          7 pts - Reckless Racer / Dr. Vanski

          Last race up was 50 lap heats running the contingent.

          I know that the Audi is an anachonism with these Porsches, but hey, they were on sale at Raceworld and it kept the price of the prize car low...even with a set of Ortmanns on it.

          The three fastest cars were the Audi (4.763s - Triggerhappy), Porsche 962 #8 (5.079 - Triggerhappy), and Porsche 956 #7 (5.144 - Triggerhappy). I think I see a trend here. Aside for four hot laps by Reckless Racer, and one by Alfonso Rev, Triggerhappy ruled the Top 50 monopolizing the rest of the hot laps of the evening.

          Once the dust settled, the results for this race were:

          18 pts - Triggerhappy
          13 pts - Reckless Racer
          10 pts - Alfonso Rev

          The points tally for the night ended up like this:

          41 pts - Triggerhappy
          34 pts - Alfonso Rev
          28 pts - Reckless Racer

          It's good to see Alfonso end this event on the podium. Triggerhappy earns a well deserved win!

          Dr. Vanski presents the trophy to Triggerhappy.

          Once the festivities settled down, it was time to draw for the prize car. Triggerhappy was a double winner tonight, taking home both the trophy...

          Triggerhappy crashes the 1/32 scale podium celebration. Reckless Racer photo.

          ...and the prize car. I'd like to thank the ubiquitous Max Throttle, who made the trek all the way from Edmonton to participate in this event, and in his first non-mag race.

          I hope to see everyone at our next big event: BFOS 2k6.7 JapaNASCAR race at The Coffin. Rules are posted and the date is set. Looks like the ACE Hobby boys have got their passports in order and will be setting up some JGTC machines for battle. Hopefully the mechanics at Dr. Vanski Racing are a match for this crowd.

          Race ON!
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            What a finale at the Leslieville Speedway! Strawberries never tasted better, Alfonso, thanks for the good times and hard racing. Hope you can start a new BFOS western chapter!


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              Firstly a big thanks to Al for hosting and providing some serious BBQ and berries..... he has definately steped up the BFOS grub.

              Apparently the triggerhappy finger works well with the slot-it power, those things were a tone of fun flying up and down the Dr.'s Avus circuit, who as always, ran a top notch event.
              Looking forward to the 6.7 event, and dont worry reckless, I promise to have zero grips on the rear of my Nismo.....