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    Watch this thread for an announcement concerning a BFOS race event tentatively scheduled for late July.

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    RecklessRacing Inc. sponsors the BfOS 2k6.7 event to be held at "The Coffin". Here are the rules ....

    1. Entrants for driving and/or constructor championship. No car required, you could just drive if you wish. Same goes for constructor.
    2. Proposed Race Format; Everyone will drive every car entered, BFOS style shared tournament. Winning driver based on total points, winning car based on total points from same heats using “Ultimate Racer” software. Races will be run BFOS crash n’ burn [3 offs yer out per heat]. In the unlikely event of a tie based on points, the winner will be chosen from best laptime achieved during tournament. Heat lengths will be determined day of race dependant on number of entries and time constraints. RecklessRacing Inc. reserves the rights to modify race format at any time dependant on RSVP response.
    3. Cars from JGTC. Any Brand of RTR slotcar may be entered. See weblink for eligible cars. Original stock Motor, Body, Interior, wheels must be used. Original Chassis must be used, but may be modified. No magnets, other than stock ones in motor. You may change tires, gears, axles, bushings, and guide. You may add weight anywhere to interior of car. No clearance height spec, but cars may not drag on my bumpy sportrack. Cars to be teched before start of race.
    4. Prize [TBA] will be awarded for Winning Driver, Prize [TBA] for Winning Car, sponsored by RecklessRacing Inc. Host cannot win prize. Door prize draw as per BFOS tradition, entrants to chip in.

    Actual start time and Event length Dependant on RSVP response.TBA on that. I will also hold an informal "tuning" night so everyone can be familiar with my track. Official BFOS invitations to follow, just thought I would post this for those interested.

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      Due to popular demand, the race will run Sunday July 16th, daytime. Exact hours to follow!


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        a JGTC race!

        Looks like it will be a good time. I guess its time to get that Nissan to run with the best of them, from what i remeber Ortmans worked quite well on your track, no?

        BTW.. gotta love the race description, good job.



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          The Americans are coming, the Americans are coming!! Eric and the guys have invited the Ace Hobby gang up to get their kicked! A good time will be had by all.
          So how off the pace will the new Scaly JGTC cars be? I just got 2 and will start running it without mags at 14v soon. The other one will be left stock for a future class at Ace. If you could be so kind as to post some lap times for this class it would help us set up something not so slow.
          Running with you and the SRO guys is my plot to get a strong non-mag program going at Ace. And I like going to different tracks and getting creamed


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            I had a chance to run some "test" laps today for the Japanascar showdown.
            Testing occured at 13v. I found running at 14v just a little twitchy, so as per the GT class that was run for RAA, official voltage will be 13v. The Coffin blue lane is 24 metres, or 79 feet long.

            The scalex cars were very smooth, but suffer from shallow guide depth. The stock guide required some gentle throttle control through the corners to avoid understeer deslotting. The Ninco cars can be driven hard, right out of the box. Typical "Ninco hop" seems to be the biggest problem with them.

            Scalextric Nissan 350z "Calsonic". Run out of the box I managed best time of 9.523 seconds. The stock tires aren't bad, but sanding should gain some time here.

            Scalextric Supra "Au Cerumo". I changed the guide, and put on some Ortmann 20x11 slicks.These tires fit perfectly on the Scalex AND the Ninco JGTC cars. I also shimmed both front and rear axles. With the guide change this car handled much more predictably, and was a lot more fun to drive too. Best lap time of 9.117

            Ninco Supra "Woodone". With 20x11 Ortmann tires, lightly sanded. Best time of 8.783

            Ninco Mclaren F1gtr "Jacadi". Box stock, with ribbed Ninco tires. Best lap time of 8.919

            Ninco Mosler "Xanex". Box stock, Ninco slick tires. Fast lap of 8.861

            Fly Corvette C5r "Compuware". Despite being front motored, this car handles better than I would expect. I put low profile zero grip tires on the front wheels, as the stock tires were seriously binding on the fenders. Stock fly tires on rear. Best time of 9.571, but could have run better with a lower gear ratio, it reached top speed in about 8 feet of straightaway!

            I didn't run any tests with Supertires, but generally they run quite well on this track as well, Orts would be my first choice. I did not add any weight to the cars either, so these times should only be taken as a baseline. Let the tuning begin!

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              BFOS 2k6.7 Crash & Burn JGTC Builder and Driver Challenge

              Bust out the JapaNASCARS:

              Be there or be square!


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                Warming up for the BFOS 2k6.7 ....

                Practice session to be held on the evening of July 8th, come on down and bust the 9 second mark, if you want to be competitive!

                On to the prizes. To the winning constructor goes the spoils ...

                To the winning driver ...

                Door prize car TBA. Thanks to DV for the pix!

                Due to the JGTC fever stirred up for this event, demand on the starting grid will require qualifying the top 6 [or 8 depending on raceday turnout] cars to run in the shared tournament. We are expecting about 10 entries, although more entrants may still RSVP. A neutral driver [without an entry car] will run all qualifying heats for best laptime, order to be determined by draw. Qualifying will begin at 11am sharp on July 16th. Entries to be teched before qualifying. Cars will be placed in Parc Fermé after qualifying. Lunch to be served after qualifying session. All drivers will run the race, whether your car makes the grid or not, and still can win the driver's prize. I anticipate finishing trophy presentation no later than 7pm.

                Looking forward to some great racing!
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                  Let the smack talk commence:

                  I'll be by to pick up BOTH my cars on the 16th! (consider me RSVPed) See you at the July 8th. test day. The engineers at DrVanski racing will be working overtime on my entry.
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                    Nothing like confidence, Dr.
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                      Erik, WildBill and I will be coming to your race. Bill can hardly contain himself. It should be a great time for all.
                      We will be waiting on your doorstep raceday when you get up and go out for Tim Horton's.
                      See Ya!!!
                      Ace Hobby Racing


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                        Originally posted by dr vanski
                        I'll be by to pick up BOTH my cars on the 16th!
                        Not if I have anything thing to say about it Dr.!! Looks like it will be a great race...


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                          I've set up a little test track to help me get ready for this race:

                          I call it: The Casket. Does it look familiar?
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                            Originally posted by yellowdog
                            So how off the pace will the new Scaly JGTC cars be? I just got 2 and will start running it without mags at 14v soon. The other one will be left stock for a future class at Ace. If you could be so kind as to post some lap times for this class it would help us set up something not so slow.
                            After running some of the cars for the race this evening on average the Scaley was about .3 - .5 off of the Ninco's. I had brought a 350z Nismo slightly modified and dialed in (after tryin' every set of tires in my box). I will be going through my spare scaley motors, hooking them up to a power source and hopefully find one that really screams. It seems like us scaley guys are going to have to pull out all the stops to keep up.



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                              My NINCO Honda NSX could lap The Coffin in 8.2s. The fastest RAA car lapped it in 8.5s (Fly Racing Saleen). A big NC can in anglewinder configuration seems to be the hot setup. The car was stock including tires.

                              Good times practicing and racing at The Coffin today Eric. Thanks for the burgers! I'll see you ACE guys next weekend!