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    Thanks guys, enjoyed the shakedown yesterday. I have to mention that my Mother-in-law heard that there is a big race coming up, so she provided me with an edge .....

    you guys don't stand a chance now, my race psych is ON! I'll be practicing laps in my sleep now too. Thanks Mom!


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      I do have all four Scaly-Takara cars now and some could be good no-mag, but I think I'll be racing my SCX 550. At Ace, on 13v no-mag it runs great and is a lot of fun. Tail out and in the slot! Just under 13 sec at Ace. The best thing you can do with a SCX is to throw the mags away!
      Eric, do we need to bring our own controlers or do we use yours? If we need to bring our own, what kind of hook-up do you use?
      ONLY 7 MORE DAY'S!!!!!!!!!


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        Hi Dan, we have PM controllers here so unless you don't like them no need to bring any with you. If you do wish to bring a controller the plug in choice is 3 post, or 1/4" inch, or scaley plug - all negative polarity wiring. Bring on your SCX 550, it will be a great addition to the lineup - it's great to see other racer's setups for sure! Hope you guys aren't vegans ..... should be a good protein lunch menu.


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          PM's are fine! I'll leave mine home...more room for cars.
          6 more days!!


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            Dreaming of victory, Reckless?


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              Hey Eric,

              I was just wondering what time the doors to the track are going to open up on Sunday.... Ive been doing a bunch of work to my Nissan and would like to get a few laps in to see if Ive got it up to speed with those **** Nincos.... who knew cars that sound like they are about to fall apart would go like stink AND stay in the slot


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                Gates open at 9am, a little early for Mr. Triggerhappy methinks. Just don't miss qualifying at 11am!

                Track upgrades since last weekend ..... another powertap and remounted the sensor track. I claim "The Coffin" to be bulletproof now


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                  Thank's for letting us come up and race!!!! Even though you spanked me bad I had a great time. The track was even better to drive on that the pictures would lead someone to belive. Eric, what can I say? You opened your home up to us and treated us like long lost kin, thank you.
                  Dan, Gary, Bill
                  Ace Hobby Racing


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                    Another BFOS for the record books. And one for the record books it was with the largest international contingent ever making their mark in BFOS racing history. This event was different from previous races in that there were prizes for best driver and best car as well as the usual draw prize.

                    The contenders:

                    JGTC cars make for great racing. This seems to be for a few reasons: an assortment of Japanese, Euro, and American machinery competes in this series so there's a variety of body types to choose from. Our grid had cars from SCX, NINCO, and Scalextric.

                    Once the racing got under way, there were a few timing troubles due to a bad connection with the sensor track.

                    Eric tried his best to remedy them, but in the end we used the highest of high tech lap counters:

                    Of course, as soon as the Scalextric lap counter was installed, the fear of redundancy had the sensor track working flawlessly. Go figure. With timing troubles out of the way, it was time to RACE!

                    We used Ultimate Racer software to run a shared tournament. This is like a proxy race in a way: every driver races every car on each lane at some point. Each driver would race his own car only once in the course of the tournament.

                    Brad, Dan, and Gary put on their most serious of race faces.

                    Eric, Van, and Bill are not to be outdone in the race facin'.

                    DrVanski gets the tournament running.

                    While the UR3 software kept track of driver points, points for the cars had to be tabulated manually. We relied upon the pen-and-paper system for tabulating car scores.

                    To keep scoring in line with other BFOS events, we score 4 points for a win, 2 points for second place, and 1 point for fastest lap. by the end of the day's events, each driver will have run 16 x 20 lap heats. What's great about these shared tournaments is the chance to try out a variety of machinery.

                    Who can confront the steely gaze of Reckless Racer?

                    Gary adapts quickly to the twisty confines and monster straight of The Coffin.

                    Gary's Supra negotiates the esses.

                    Alfonso Rev's Porsche passes the graveyard.

                    The two fastest cars of the day pass the Homey hospitality corner.

                    Yellowdog demonstrates his trigger finger calisthenics.

                    When the dust settled, Reckless Racer claimed the day, not only with most points as a driver, but the winningest car.

                    Eric also managed to claim the random draw prize of a NINCO Honda NSX. Since Eric was hosting, and donated the champions' prizes, the driver prize went to Triggerhappy:

                    Eric has a tough time letting go of the NINCO Nissan prize car.

                    Driver standings:
                    68 - Reckless Racer
                    66 - Triggerhappy
                    59 - Alfonso Rev
                    57 - Gary
                    49 - Wild Bill
                    48 - DrVanski
                    45 - Yellowdog

                    Another podium finish for Alfonso Rev will see him bow out of BFOS competition as he is moving out to Saskatoon. Al's good humour, excellent basement, and mean chops on the barbecue will be missed by his fellow BFOSonians.

                    Here's how the constructor race stacked up:

                    40 pts. - Wild Bill Scalextric Skyline

                    41 pts. - Gary's Scalextric Supra

                    43 pts. - NINCO Honda NSX prize car - box stock

                    43 pts. - Alfonso Rev NINCO Porsche 911

                    45 pts. - Yellowdog SCX Ferrari 550

                    48 pts. - Triggerhappy Scalextric Nissan 350Z

                    48 pts. - Dr. Vanski NINCO Honda NSX

                    54 pts. - Reckless Racer NINCO Mosler 900

                    With only 14 points separating the field, it was pretty close racing among the constructors.

                    Since there was a tie for second in the constructor standings, the allocation of the constructor prize was settled the only way possible given the circumstances: RACE OFF! Dr. Vanski took home the constructor prize: a Scalextric Skyline. On an even playing field, the Scalextric JGTC cars cannot keep up with the NINCO anglewinder NC5 machines.

                    We were all winners though: the company of new friends sharing a few laughs, some good food (thanks, Reckless!), and trading paint made for an excellent day of racing.

                    A bit thank-you to Eric for hosting the crowd that descended upon his place. Big thanks too to the ACE gang: Dan, Gary, and Bill. You guys are welcome to a BFOS event any time.

                    Race ON!


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                      Nice Pix and Report, Dr.!

                      I had a blast hosting this event ..... especially as the Dr. performed the responsible duties as race manager. It was great to have the ACE gang up here, I plan to make the trip south for an event of your choice Dan. Alfonso, what can I say? it's been a pleasure racing with you, hopefully future sponsorship will include Toronto in the RevRacing program!


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                        As Dan allready said, Thanks. I had a blast and appreciate your hospatality. You have a great track and love the paint (RL river stone). I might do my Carrera in the same paint.


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                          What an awsome race, thanks Eric for letting us take over your living quarters for the day!

                          Besides some cursing and frustration with the Sensor Track at the early stages, it was a perfect race, the Coffin provided a great venue for these Super GT cars. Cudos to our friends south of the border for comming up and making it an 'international' event. This was the first race with the Super Gt/ Jgtc cars in Toronto (as far as I am aware) and it provided some awsome racin'. The NINCO cars dominated the twisty, bumpy surface that is the Coffin but I'd be interested to see the cars race on a more sweeping track to see if the results would be so biased.

                          Another great BFOS event, they seem to just keep getting better and better. Amazing job on capturing the event Dr. Vanski.

                          BTW - That NINCO Calsonic is awsome.... couple hrs of tunning and that thing is rippin around with my Slot-it's. I am deffinately a newly converted NINCO anglewinder lover. Just great cars!
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                            Hey Brad,

                            Isn't it an anglewinder? I finally "get it" r.e. NINCO cars. Prorace wheels are all they really need. Scary, what they might do with Ortmann rubber.


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                              Originally posted by dr vanski
                              Hey Brad,

                              Isn't it an anglewinder?
                              Sure is! bad. I guess i should read the post before a submit.


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                                Trigger you may get your wish to see these cars on a more sweeping track! I have talked to Ron about having a JGTC race at Ace. We have some R&R to do on the track. We are trying that foam Eric gave me in one of our sweeper cornors. If it works as well at Ace as it does at the Coffin, we will install it on every outside cornor so we can race non-mag cars equaly.
                                Your Scaly JGTC car will run very well at Ace with the right tires. Our track is very slippery compared to the Coffin.