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    This weekend we are racing the OHARA T Jet and the stock tyco GT.
    In the rules the stock tyco GT is any tyco chassis but what bodies are these? I'm not sure I have any of these.

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    Body Rules:
    1. Body must be a stock Tyco body which may be secured to chassis with double sided tape or velcro, but must maintain removablility. Body type is determined by class (ie. NASCAR or GT style).
    2. No cutting or lightening of the body is allowed.
    3. Body must be complete at the start of a race. (ie. windows intact). Windows may be glued to body.
    Chassis Rules: Tyco/Mattel pan style only
    1. Tyco/Mattel pan chassis only. (black or grey chassis legal).
    2. Motor magnets must be stock ceramic Tyco/Mattel with stock polarity.
    3. Stock Tyco/Mattel guide pin must be used and may be glued in place.
    4. Stock Tyco/Mattel pan chassis front axle/rims/tires must be used. Front tires may be sanded and trued.
    5. Any slip-on silicone rear tires are permitted on any single/double flange hub, however silicone foam rear tires are not allowed.
    6. Stock Tyco/Mattel gears and gear ratio must be used.
    7. Stock Tyco/Mattel gear spacer may be lightened.
    8. Stock Tyco/Mattel or stock replacement electrical components only. Stock Tyco/Mattel pickup shoes may have the step removed (ie. be flattened ). Aftermarket 'ski' type pickup shoes may be used. Stock pick-up shoe springs must be used.
    9. Stock Tyco/Mattel ceramic traction magnets must be used
    10. Stock Tyco or Stock Tyco armatures by Wizzard only. NO rewinds, dewinds, balancing, etc. Wide gap armatures and soldered tabs are not permitted.
    11. Pick-up shoe tabs may be reinforced.
    12. Chassis may not be cut, sanded or modified in any other way.
    13. Any other modifications will be considered illegal unless cleared by the Tech committee.


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      check the cars out in this link thats the bodies there running on the weekend


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        Last time out we ran European Gt bodies. I ran a Ferrari F40.


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          Hi Ash
          I looked last night and I have an extra f 40 body as well as a camel GT car which I hope is legal. Come to think of it the Camel may be for a narrow chassis though. forgot to check that. I think I also have a Porsche 908? that should work too.


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            That would be great Bill, I would like to try out the porsche.


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              Does anyone know the Stock Tyco/Mattel gears and or gear ratio? Trying to find a starting point so i can upgrade or hop-up..


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                Just a note guys..... We will be racing the OHORA Stock Magnatraction GT class and the Stock Tyco GT class as well.


                There is also a Youtube video of the track as it will be set-up at the event.


                The track has long straights and the joints between the tables can be bumpy, so you want to run your car higher than you would on your home track (including running the stock Tyco front tires that come with the Pan chassis NASCAR cars. Also make sure the pick-up shoes have a slight bend up at the front to allow them to slide over the keyed joints should the odd one raise up during the race.

                The rules are pretty simple for this class. Stock Tyco 440-X2 wide pan chassis (and stock components) with the exception of any single or double flange rear rim and a slicone tire (no sili-foams). You can use the replacement ski-type shoe and you can use double-sided tape to hold the body on the chassis if needed. That's it!

                See you at the show....

                Last edited by Runci; 10-25-2011, 06:44 AM.


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                  Looks great!
                  See you sat!


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                    We'll be arriving early on Saturday morning and the track set-up should go fairly quickly. Looking at practicing from 10AM and starting the racing at noon.

                    See everyone there.


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                      Neil do you still have the red bull mega g if you do and want to get rid of it bring it to the show


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                        This the closest I could find on this same, Camel GT, I have. The chassis is sound yet the shoes are very worn, and not attached. A real bummer, these spring- loaded jobbers[sic] where the shoes go.

                        My questions:

                        How does one change the shoes (Diagram)?

                        Where can I buy said shoes?

                        TY for your time.


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