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Michigan 4th annual 24 hour race

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  • I also would like to thank Mike and the whole Cloverleaf team for putting this event on. This is our second year attending this event. I thought it was great last year but this year it was even better (didn't think that was possible). I have to say the competitors at this event are some of the best in the racing community of 1/32 scale. We have been honored to race with them for the past two years. Everyone there if not racing is on the couch or standing to the side discussing ideas, sharing knowledge in setups and forming new friendships in the process. This is why I got into this hobby and it is what keeps me coming back.

    This event not only is the best run event I have been to as well for the past two years. It is becoming far more than another 24 hour race you read about. I feel it might be the best 24 hour race in the lower 48 states.

    Congrats to Slot Car Corner for another world record! You guys are a machine and you do it the most humble way. Thanks for the advice and we plan to come back next year even more prepared than this year.

    I have do have one thing to say. We might need more lanes if this keeps growing :thumb:


    • [quote]tires start to develop a cone shape to them so you loose a lot of contact patch.[/quote]

      WOW that's some serious cornering speeds:eek: When anyone has a chance it would be nice to see some shots of the cars.


      • [quote=mikeinclover;830084]JR. It was a joy to race next to you during the race sorry about the double nerf. Hope to see you guys again soon.

        Mike had a blast racing with you hope we can run the hole race like we did in the first heats that was a lot of fun look forward to doing it again next year.

        Team Hazzard Boys


        • [quote=Audi1;829822]I think after the race was over, it was probably "party time" in Michigan (it would have been for me if I'd been racing for 24; make that 30, straight hours). We'll probably hear more from them today.

          Congratulations to all of the teams! I can't even fathom a 48 minute heat.............


          (Oooops, didn't see page 10 and Dickie's last post).

          Looks like there was some late hour nail-biting between the Cloverleaf and the Hazard Boys teams; that's great! Again, congratulations to all of the teams![/quote]

          Big Time Congrats again to the SCC team for setting a NEW WORLD RECORD!!!:first:

          Also to Rob "almafan55" for running a Cancer fund raffle...:first:

          Our Clover Leaf car was running very well up until just before the night segment and we all of a sudden lost 15 to 20% percent of our power. We decided to see if the problem would correct itself and do some maintenance work, which didn't work very well. The problem didn't correct itself so we then made a decision that catching the Dum Dums was not possible, but getting a podium finish was. The Hazzard team car was running very well and Mark ran a great last heat, but we had just enough laps on them to hold them off.

          Also the Can Am and Cincy Slot Team was another interesting sub-plot to the race. Both teams had early struggles and did some major repair work. Can Am switched a chassis and Cincy did a motor swap...


          • Thanks again Mike and the Clover Leaf gang for putting on this event. Special thanks to Dave's daughter for preparing the food. Congrats to SCC for there Win and also a New World Record!!!
            Thanks to my teamates Art on red lane, Wizz or Jim W. on white lane, Kurt on yellow lane, Rob on black lane for a great race effort. Great to see old freinds and make new ones. Great racing next to you Smokeio in white lane. Great fun racing against Mark & Jason in red lane.

            Dave.616 in blue lane


            • Team Dum Dums

              [quote=Scaleracing;829410] who is Team Dumdum?[/quote]

              Detroit Dum Dums

              Dave Postmus= Dave.616
              Art Roberts= ArtRoberts
              Kurt Moser= ElSecundo
              Rob Hall= almafan55
              Jim Whisenans= BlueKing55


              • As much as he is a pain in the royal buttocks..... Hats off to Rob and his cancer raffle. That was a great idea for a very worthy cause.

                PS. I heard you yacking at me during the last heat but I IGNORED YOU! You may be the RAA GT2 Champion but I got your phone number and I'm calling your wife to tell her she's a saint. And stop licking your tires. That's not the way to true them.

                Also, did anyone get a picture of Kurt driving with a DIFALCO controller? That's right, Kurt had one of those controllers. You know, the type of controller that has all those knobs and whistles that make you go faster? What is the world coming to.


                • [quote]Also, did anyone get a picture of Kurt driving with a DIFALCO controller?[/quote]

                  It's the end of the world as we know it!:eek::lol::eek:


                  • Wow, what a weekend!

                    First, thanks to Mike Stott and his family for allowing us to race our slot cars in their home. It takes tremendous effort and dedication for an event like this to operate smoothly, and smooooooothly it went for sure. This event is top notch, folks, and we've never seen a more organized event anywhere. Mike Stott, Art Roberts, their families, and all of those associated with this event & Cloverleaf Racing dedicated themselves to create this world class event - they truly can't be thanked enough.

                    I'm sure I can speak for everyone on our team - thank you Team SCC, specifically Mike (Smokeio) for helping get our race car to where it was on Friday. We could not have had a good car without your assistance and your loaner chassis plate. Thank you for the chassis flattening tips as well - I did not know a microwave does so well in flattening chassis plates. It explained the red & brown grease stains on the underside of the chassis - hot pockets?

                    These tires were a bear for us to figure out, and I'd like to thank both Dave Postmus and Mike (Smokeio) for their assistance and explanations of their tire truing methods. Thank you for sharing invaluable information.

                    This was the most fun I've ever had racing slot cars. Racing can be surrounded by a tense atmosphere at times, but this race had none of that. It was a very friendly environment with an easy-going race organizer that knew the right time and place to exercise authority. The result is a pleasant atmosphere and very happy racers - this is evident from the responses you see here after the race. Everyone was wonderful at this event.

                    Congratulations to Team SCC for their world record setting race. They were truly a well oiled machine (over-oiled at times). Chuck Norris would not have stood a chance against you guys.

                    Lastly, thank you, Rob, for organizing the cancer raffle. I lost my mother to breast cancer at a young age - this really meant a lot. Adding this facet to the Michigan 24 makes it that much more wonderful. You'll have my support in this every year whether I am present or not.

                    With all that said, we hope to be back next year if 6 teams is still an option. Looking forward to the video Dan comes up with......not looking forward to Jason's life story on video.
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                    • Enjoyed watching some of the clover leaf video's... not sure if something is coming to recap this event, but the one done for last year was great.

                      What an epic event to participate in. There's obviously a lot of slot car knowledge assembled in one place at one time a this.


                      • I would like to start by thanking Mike S and all those involved for organizing and putting on this event. It was a pleasure being apart of this event. Second, I would like to congratulate SCC on their win and record, your team is truly amazing to watch. I would like to extend a special thanks to Dickie of SCC who I ran next to for 5 of the 6 heats when I was in white. You have no idea how much your encouraging words and comments meant to me, it was the icing on the cake for my first 24 hr race. I also want to thank the Cincinnati Slot Rods for having me on board. It was great running and hanging with you guys. You guys put a lot of faith in me by having me do the final tweaking of the car but I think it paid off. To bad our motor was flat from the start, but there is always next year, and we have a plan. It was also any honor to do the mechanics interview for you guys but I think that had more to do with the others being more camera shy them me.

                        This was my first 24hr experience and I still cannot get it out of my head. I am still on the 24hr high and cannot wait till the next race. This race really taught me a lot about where I am with my driving, inconsistent. I have moments moments where I am in a groove but then my inexperience shows and I either deslot or do bad in a technical section. Spending 48 constant minutes on a track can really show you a lot, if you pay attention and listen to what your stint is telling you. I have taken a lot away from this event, ideas, encouragement, fond memories but most of all, new friendships.

                        Thanks to all who participated and if I did not talk to you while I was around, I was probably still overwhelmed. I probably want to say more, but I get side tracked and forget things.

                        Steve Howey
                        Clover leaf Tues night crowd
                        Fill in for Cincinnati Slot Rods 24 hr


                        • [quote=Smokeio;830174] Also, did anyone get a picture of Kurt driving with a DIFALCO controller? That's right, Kurt had one of those controllers. You know, the type of controller that has all those knobs and whistles that make you go faster? What is the world coming to.[/quote]

                          We were lucky he was using last year's model! The new one drives the car for you and tunes the car at the same time.


                          • [quote=Mark;830252]We were lucky he was using last year's model! The new one drives the car for you and tunes the car at the same time.[/quote]
                            What do you think made the coffee Sunday morning? :banana:

                            Great event put on by Mike Stott and the Cloverleaf guys, just fantastic!

                            More to say, but I'm still traveling, and heading out to dinner with my mom in NY...


                            • It would be great to have the list of the 20 best results from the past 4 editions.
                              something like TEAM, DISTANCE, YEAR, from 1 to the 20th position.

                              How did the second place Clover Leaf team did in comparison with winner of last year, or the year before?

                              Thats the kind of info i like and it would give teams and aficionados of the race a mesure by which to compare results! :thumb:


                              • Team CanAm:canada: :USA:sends thanks to Mike and the whole Michigan gang for a fun event and fine hospitality. We had a lot of car problems that cost us hundreds of laps but our team certainly always has fun. My cars totally missed the setup so we forced James' car into service that it was not set up to do. We'll do better next year.

                                Don said he video taped me eating more than anybody and yet I didn't gain a pound! Mike fed us well and it was such a good time racing with all my slot car friends.:nod: